Aao Kare Gutur Gu KOOKU Web Series Episode Review, Cast, Actress

Aao Kare Gutur Gu

Aao Kare Gutur Gu Webseries

Name Aao Kare Gutur Gu
GenreHot Bold, Drama
Release Date29 August 2021
DirectorAzaad Bharti
Distributed ByKooKu

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Aao Kare Gutur Gu Cast & Crew

Actors & Actresses NameRole
Girish ThaaparLead
Inder KaurLead
Aao Kare Gutur Gu

Season 1 – Total 4 Episodes

  • Episode 1   : Azaad Bharti
  • Episode 2 : Azaad Bharti
  • Episode 3   : Azaad Bharti
  • Episode 4   : Azaad Bharti

Aao Kare Gutur Gu is a bold hot drama web series. This is the story of three friends and their love, When there is a twist in love and romance, then let’s see who supports whom. You can see this web series is going to be quite exciting.

Aao Kare Gutur Gu is the most anticipated and tantric series of Kuku. Purus Dark is going to be surprised by the content of this series. There will be a bang reaction as soon as the series is released. And if we talk about being bold in this series, then only one word has to be said and that is – Excellent Hot Drama.

Aao Kare Gutur Gu

Aao Kare Gutur Gu Webseries Story

Talking about the story of the series, there are three friends in this story and their age is only above 40. He falls in love with a girl who is almost half his age. They start chasing him and try to impress him. And then there comes a big twist between love and romance. He is even seen romancing a girl in his dreams. This story is going to be really funny.

Trailer of web series Aao Kare Gutur Gu:-

The trailer of this series is 2min. 10 sec. of and It has already got thousands of views. In Taylor, we got to see that three friends fall in love with a girl half their age and they seem to be trying to impress the same. But she doesn’t curse them at all.  On the other hand, they also get invited into heated arguments with each other.

Release date of the web series Aao Kare Gutur Gu:-

Aao Kare Gutur Gu is ready to release on 29th August 2021.

Natasa is going to appear in a leading role. She has the most attractive figure. so enjoy the series. This series is very bang, full of romance as well as joy is going to be fun. Only by talking about it, my body gets on fire.

Screenshots :

Aao Kare Gutur Gu
Aao Kare Gutur Gu
Aao Kare Gutur Gu

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