All Kooku Web Series list With Their Actress and Story

Kooku App is one of the Popular OTT spaces. Today our young generation like it very much Because Kooku releases web series in multiple languages and Genre. From its story to the director, they do a great job, they never disappoint us. In 2021, the Kooku spread more and is ruling everyone’s heart so far.

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All Kooku Web Series list

1> My Girlfriend’s Love Story

2> Khule Aasman Ke Niche

3> Aao Kare Gutar Gu

4> The Accidental Love Story

5> Socket vali

6> Rani ka Raja

7> Humara Pyar Chamatkar

8> Paglet

9> Shadi Vivah

10> Photoshoot

11> Ratri

12> Hum Aapke Fan Hai

13> Loyalty Test

14> Suno Jhethalal

15> The Gift

16> Nayi Naveli

17> Chitthi

18> Anomaly

19> Atithi In House 5

1> My Girlfriend’s Love Story

In this web series, you will find a story that will be relatable to you or your girlfriend or Boyfriend. In this, a girl meets an unknown Boy and she falls in love with him. After getting physical between them, the boy tries to cheat her. After this, there are many fights and then the girl decides to stay in the relationship. You will find deceit, love and emotional scenes in this story. Each scene will make you feel relatable to real life.

My Girlfriend’s Love Story Webseries Info.

NameMy Girlfriends Love Story
GENRERomantic Drama
RELEASE DATE18 September 2020

My Girlfriends Love Story Cast   

  • Aritaa Mishti Paul
  • Ashwani Roy
  • Zalim Khiladi
  • Priya Waghmare 

2> Khule Aasman Ke Niche

Khule Aasman Ke Niche, Something comes to mind when hearing this title. that is A village girl who loves to romance in the open sky, The girl with a boy from her village has a lot of fun under the open sky. The girl enjoys doing this and wants to romance again and again. It all goes on that after a few days that girl gets married. After marriage, she does not enjoy romancing inside the house. There is a gap in the relationship between husband and wife. That girl loves to romance in her village under the open sky. When she goes to her village, she has a lot of fun with her boyfriend again, While romancing her husband sees it and from here the story takes a turn. you will enjoy this series, If you live in the village then you would know that in the village boyfriend girlfriends romance under the open sky in the corner. so this story is true.

Khule Aasman Ke Niche Webseries Info.

NameKhule Aasman Ke Niche
GENREDrama, romance, Fantasy
SEASONSeason 1

Khule Aasman Ke Niche Cast

  • Anchal
  • Nishant
  • Harpreet
  • Sidharth

3> Aao Kare Gutar Gu

This web series is such that you will say seeing it: Wahh, Actually in this series 3 friends whose age is above 40 years, they fall in love with a girl whose age is half of their age. There is going to be a tremendous twist, romance and lust. In this, a big twist comes when all the three friends are trying to impress that girl, then it comes to know that that girl is also interested.

Aao Kare Gutar Gu Webseries Info.

Name Aao Kare Gutar Gu
GenreHot Bold, Drama
Release Date29 August 2021
DirectorAzaad Bharti
Distributed ByKooKu

Aao Kare Gutar Gu Cast

Girish ThaaparLead
Inder KaurLead

4> The Accidental Love Story

 In this, the First two girls make a plan to trap rich boys by falling in love send them a video clip Then blackmailing them and asking for money The way this whole story progresses in the episodes, you will enjoy it and you will have fun it a lot. When an accident happens in the midst of all this, then that person’s memory loss happens. It is full of suspense, you must see

The Accidental Love Story Webseries info.

NameThe Accidental Love Story
GenreComedy, Romance, Drama
PlatformOTT Kooku
DirectorRajat Tyagi
Produced by Kooku
Release Date14th May 2021

The Accidental Love Story Cast

  • Manish
  • Kirat
  • Rahul
  • Leena
  • Megha Saxena
  • Sidhart Sharma
  • Anuj Malik

5> Socket vali

This story is very different, Romance will be found in this story There is a service company in it named Socketwali. From this website, you can call and order girls and you can do anything with them. When the wife gets to know about all these things, then on asking her, her husband changes the matter. Her boss her husband goes to the office and romance with the girl of that company. After knowing this a big twist comes which is that His wife also joins the company and starts giving happiness to the people. There’s a lot of romance and lust here.               

Socketwali Webseries info.

GenreDrama, Romance
OTT PlatformKooku
Release date13th June 2021
Season  1 Episode Runtime25 Minutes

Socketwali Webseries Cast

  • Priyanka Biswas
  • Pallavi Roy
  • Neel
  • Deep Singh
  • Abhishek Roy

6> Rani ka Raja

The romance in this story happens in a different way and happens in the family. Ya, it’s true. A man who gives the letter to his ex-girlfriend but she rejects What happens after that no one expects Her son says that he is interested in his parents and wants to get married, This is a different level of thrill that will entertain you a lot. Later marriage starts and before that many romantic scenes come which will make you happy. Later his mother stops his marriage as he marries within his own family. You will find a lot of romance throughout the story.

Rani ka Raja webseries Info.

GenreDrama, Mystery, Thriller
Release DateDecember 2020
DirectorAzaad Bharti
Produced ByKooKu

Rani ka Raja Cast

Rani ChatterjeeLead Role
Sudha ChandranLead Role
Shruti UlfatLead Role
Arun Bakshi  Lead Role
Rajesh SharmaLead Role
Abhishek BajajLead Role
Priyal Gor Lead Role

7> Humara Pyar Chamatkar

This story is a bold series featuring online therapists who have a different methodology, It starts with counselling and ends with fear. You are going to get a lot of romance in this, in which there is more than enough romantic scenes. Really this is so hot.

Humara Pyar Chamatkar Webseries Info.

Release Date23 August 2021
Distributed ByKooku
DirectorAvinash Giri
Directed ByAvinash Giri
GenreBold, Drama

Humara Pyar Chamatkar Cast

Taksh NarangLead
Jayati ThakkarLead
Shweta Parmar Lead
Deepak RajLead
Christina BabuLead
Vinod TripathyLead

8> Paglet

Its story starts with a newly married couple. You will be blown away after seeing the wedding night scene. In, on the wedding night, Headband tries to make his wife a friend so that he can enjoy the first night. But here comes a twist that girl starts sleeping with other boys and has a lot of fun. After this, you will be surprised to see the way the romantic scene goes. your goosebumps will stand out more and more. This is a complete package of love and romance.

Paglet Webseries Info.

GenreHot drama, romantic and thriller

Paglet Webseries Cast

  • Sonia Singh Rajput
  • Juhi Chatterji
  • Rajeev
  • Saran

9> Shadi Vivah

There are two thieves in this, who are girls. And their job is to make money by trapping rich men. But their method does not work for a long time because the police have learned their way of working. Now to see who will win it will make you feel very thrilled. If there are thieves in this, then you are going to have a lot of fun watching.

Shaadi Vivah Webseries Info.

NameShaadi Vivah
Lead CastAnahita and Manisha
GenresRomance, Thriller
Release PlatformKooku
GenresCrime, Romance, Drama
Directed byAzaad Bharti
Written ByKooku original team
ProductionKooku Original
Release Date7 March 2020
PlatformKooku Original

Shaadi Vivah Cast

  • Anup Chauhan
  • Tarun Sharma
  • Sapan Chaudhary
  • Bharat Malhotra
  • Divyaa Singh
  • Hitesh Rawal
  • Kcarren Rajput

10> Photoshoot

This story shows a real-life incident that is happening a lot in today’s time. The whole story revolves around the photoshoot which is full of romance. In this, a girl who dreams of becoming a model and goes for a photoshoot Photoshoot boy tries to take advantage of girl on the pretext of his work And later the boss of that girl also asks to show the photo in the same fewer clothes. Even though that girl was absolutely uncomfortable in fewer clothes, still she does this for her dream. These scenes have been shot in such a way that will captivate your mind.

Photoshoot Webseries Info.

Release DateFeb 08, 2021
GenreDrama | Romance
OTT PlatformKooku App
Origin CountryIndia
Banner/ProductionKooku Presents
DirectorAzaad Bharti

Photoshoot Webseries cast

  • Pihu Jaiswal
  • Ranjeet Jha

11> Ratri

This story is a horror which will give you a lot of romance with a horror feel, A girl who shifts to a new house and hears the sound of the flute. She gets upset with this voice and starts romancing with some boys during the romance she noticed that sound of the flute is not coming.  So she is very happy and doing romance again and again. After this, she starts romancing with all the boys, whichever boy she meets.

Ratri Webseries Info.

Release Date9th April 2021
StreamingKooku App
TrailerReleased on YouTube
GenreDrama, thriller
Age RestrictionAbove 18

Ratri Cast

  • Mahi Kaur
  • Deepti Tiwari
  • Jyotsna
  • Jason
  • Adil
  • Marshall

12> Hum Aapke Fan Hai

 In this story, there is a boy who watches and enjoys a girl’s videos on the website. After this, the boy wants to romance that girl.  When that girl comes, the boy romances a lot with her and records videos. The video that is recorded makes him viral and the girl is thrown out of his company. This is going to be a very crazy story and scene. After all this, the girl wants to take revenge on that boy and that girl planning. The next day when the boy again watches the videos on the laptop, he finds out that the girl is his fiancée. Then that company girl tells everything that she did this to take revenge. After that, the girl romances with him and gets the same video shot. After that create and upload your own website. this story is very strong and hot.

Hum Aapke Fan Hai Webseries Info.

NameHum Aapke Fan Hai Web Series
Genre18+, Romance, Drama, Mystery
Typenet collection
Publication dateMay 7, 2021
Online video platformKooku app
Country India

Hum Aapke Fan Hai Cast

  • Suhana Khan
  • Aritaa Mishti Paul
  • Mohit
  • Yogesh Bedi

13> Loyalty Test

You will get the story related to the loyalty test, In this, couples test each other’s loyalty, then it is known that they are cheating. But they are not able to catch them live, so they give work to a detective. Later, when there is a plan to be caught life, then the detective supports a lot, after getting the support of which the girl falls in love with the same detective. Yes, this story is very strong, you will enjoy it a lot.

Loyalty Test Webseries Info.

NameLoyalty Test
Produced byKooku
Release Date1st February 2020
DirectorAzaad Bharti
OTT PlatformKooku App
GenreErotic, Hot
TypeSuspense, drama, Romance
DirectorAzaad Bharti
WriterAzaad Bharti
DOPSiddhesh More

Loyalty Test Webseries Cast

  • Pooja Kashyap as Shivani
  • Supriya Sukla as Jennie
  • Bhanu Thakur as Rohan
  • Jenil as Anshuman

14> Suno Jhethalal

In this story, you will get a brother’s love with brother’s wife. This is a hilarious story, In this, a man is unable to satisfy his wife, because of this his wife sleeps with his brother and both have a lot of fun, lot of romance. There will be a tremendous twist in this story, tremendous romance, which will give fun of the extraordinary type. Brother’s intention gets bad after seeing brother’s sexy hotwife.

Suno Jhethalal Webseries Info.

NameSuno jethalal
PlatformOnline ” Kooku
Streaming28, December 2020

Suno Jhethalal Cast

  • Rekha Mona Sarkar
  • Amit Kumar

15> The Gift

This series tells the story of marriage and after marriage problems. In this, many secrets are revealed after a few years of marriage. The girl learns that her husband is cheating on her and then here comes the twist. It’s going to be quite crazy, it has many bold romances which will not give you a chance to blink your eyes.

The Gift Webseries Info.

NameThe Gift
Release DateFeb 28, 2021
GenreDrama , Romance
OTT PlatformKooku App
Origin CountryIndia
ProductionKooku presents

The Gift Webseries cast

  • Aritaa misti Paul
  • Candan Jha

16> Nayi Naveli

The exchange of wife’s with husbands; is the main thing in this series. If someone’s biwu is not satisfied with her husband, then she starts taking chances on her sister’s husband. When her husband romances with her sister then a twist come which will give you a lot of fun, The big suspense of the story is whether both the brothers will agree to exchange their hot lovely wife.

Nayi Naveli Webseries Info.

NameNayi Naveli
Release Date23 January 2021
GenresDrama, Romance

Nayi Naveli Webseries Cast

  • Ajay Bafna as Bada Bhai
  • Sweksha Shau as Badi Bhabhi
  • Ranjeet jha as Devar
  • Shahida Ansari as Devrani

17> Chitthi

In this series, a man who is living happily, One day someone from his past comes into his life and shakes his happy life. That person remains crushed in moral values ​​, You will be able to feel his pain by watching this series. It has been shown that how someone destroys your life because of the mistake in your past. This is a very heart touching story.

Chitthi Webseries info.

Release date25 October 2020
Streaming platformKooku
Genre18+, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Directed ByAkanksha Sinha
Produced ByKooKu

Chitthi Webseries Cast

  • Yashpal Sharma   
  • Shalini Kapoor Sagar
  • Ravi Bhatia    
  • Abha Parmar     

18> Anomaly

This story is based on love, infidelity and witch, The story is told in a very good way in which Boyfriend falls in love with another girl in confusion. The entry of the ghost witch starts from here, turmoil in their life. Along with the relationship being complicated, there is a horror that will give him a different experience to watch.

Anomaly Webseries Info.

Release DateNov 15, 2020
GenreDrama ,Thriller, Mystery
PlatformKooku App
Origin Country India
Directed ByAzaad Bharti
Produced ByKooKu

Anomaly Webseries Cast

  • Ruslaan Mumtaz
  • Neeta Shetty
  • Sreejita De
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpal

19> Atithi In House 5

 Kooku web series always come with a great story, as expected this series is also different. In this series two girls are in a relationship, both are gay but both enjoying too much together. They enjoy it a lot and loudly, their friends unaware of this truth. Even his family members don’t know about their relationship. Some people explain to them that do it comfortably, do not make much noise because you are in a joint family. After some time his truth comes in front of the family members and every one holds a meeting. It’s fun to watch.

Atithi In House Webseries Info.

NameAtithi In House
GenreHot drama, thriller
Streaming PlatformKooku app
Releasing Date2nd May 2021

Atithi In House Cast

  • Moksharth Raghav
  • Sandeep Boss
  • Shrutika Gaur
  • Richita Gosh.

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