Anomaly Web series Kooku – All Seasons, Episodes & Cast

Anomaly Web series

Anomaly Web series Kooku

Release DateNov 15, 2020
GenreDrama ,Thriller, Mystery
PlatformKooku App
Origin Country  India
Directed ByAzaad Bharti
Produced ByKooKu

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Seasons & Episodes  :  Season 1 (4 episodes)

Episode NameRelease Date
Episode 115 November 2020
Episode 215 November 2020
Episode 315 November 2020
Episode 415 November 2020

Anomaly Webseries Cast & Crew

  • Ruslaan Mumtaz
  • Neeta Shetty         
  • Sreejita De       
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpal    
  • Hemant Pandey
  • Amita Nangia  
Ruslaan Mumtaz
Neeta Shetty
Sreejita De

Anomaly is a Hindi web series and as always its story is quite different. When reality becomes vivid and the ability to understand facts becomes blurred. So such a condition is called Anomaly.

Anomaly Webseries Story

The story revolves around the life of a young man. He gets into a confusing relationship and falls in love with another girl. The girlfriend also gets to realize the truth in things. He also falls prey to the dangerous paths of magic and witchcraft. can he feel the truth and  Can the mystic come out of the world? This dangerous story filled with magic, witches and mystery will entertain you all to a different level. There are going to be more than one thrill scan which will leave you stunned and In the midst of all this, a soft feeling of love has also been given a place in this story, so that You will also see a love story, the combination of all this creates a tremendous story which increases the eagerness to watch. The actors and actresses who play all these characters do tremendous acting. This series full of romance will not even give you a chance to blink. All the scenes are well shot which will keep your attention and never hold back from giving you pleasure.

Anomaly Web series Screenshots

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