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Apharan Webseries
Apharan Webseries

Apharan is an action thriller web series in the Hindi language (the year 2018) which is directed and co-produced by Sidharth Sengupta. This web series is available in-app of ALTBalaji. The series stars Arunoday Singh. This series is made according to the present time, in which action, crime, drama and thriller are amazing. The proceedings in this are never-ending.

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All Details – Apharan Webseries

Release Date14 December 2018
GenreAction, Thriller and Drama
Runtime18 -28 minutes
PlatformAlt Balaji app
Theatre or OTTOTT
Created ByJishan
Developed ByEkta Kapoor
Written ByMohinder Partap Singh
Dialogue ByVarun Badola
Directed BySidharth Sengupta
Creative DirectorBaljit Singh Chadda, Snehil Dixit Mehra
Country of OriginIndia

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Seasons and Epsiodes – Apharan Webseries

No. of seasons – 1

No. of episodes – 12

You can see this in Hindi but the Original language of this web series is Marathi.

Productions – Apharan Webseries

DistributorAlt Balaji Entertainment Ltd.
ReleaseOriginal Network Alt Balaji
Video FormatHDTV 1080
Audio FormatDolby Digital
AvailableAlt Balaji and MX Player

Cast – Apharan Webseries

  1. Arunoday Singh as Rudra Srivastava
  2. Mahie Gill as Madhu Tyagi/Malini
  3. Monica Chaudhary as Anusha Tyagi
  4. Nidhi Singh as Ranjana Srivastava
  5. Varun Badola as Laxman Saxena
  6. Saanand Verma as Satyanarayan Dubey
  7. Neha Kaul as Madhu Tyagi
  8. Pawan Chopra as Commissioner
  9. Ram Sujan Singh as Mishra
  10. Surender Singh as Constable Joshi
  11. Sanjay Batra as Govind Tyagi
  12. Nilesh Mamgain as Shukla
  13. Snehil Dixit Mehra as Sadhu’s Wife
  14. Shweta Rajput as Ria ( Role of bride which is Anusha friend )
  15. Actor Nishant Tanwar as Inspector Bhatnagar
  16. Aditya Jadhav as Crying Child
Apharan Webseries

Plot – Apharan WebSeries

Rudra Srivastava (Original name is Arunoday Singh), Whereas senior inspector of Uttarakhand state police, is Greed into kidnapping a young girl name is Anusha (original name is Monica Chaudhary), at her mother (original name is Mahie Gill)’s request. The whole plan is very simple, the purpose of which is to make money in return for Anusha.

This series story revolves around crime, thriller, mystery and suspense with action and also you find comedy sequences. This web series is based on the 70s era with the feeling of sadness and the best mystery and suspense. The whole story is about a policeman named Rudra. Some people falsely accused him, Because of which he was imprisoned for 3 years. Later a conspiracy is made in which a girl is targeted.

Story Review- Apharan WebSeries

We talk about the review of this entire story, then in this, A Senior Inspector of Uttarakhand Police named Rudra Srivastava is the protagonist and facilitator of this story. Which starts his story with a flashback and names his story ghante ka imandari which sounds quite exciting to hear. There is a reason behind naming this story that because of its honesty, it is implicated in the same corruption and that’s why he goes to jail.

Thus he gets jail as a reward for his honesty, he is soon released from prison in 3 years because of his good behaviour and calm nature. Although the time of 3 years is not short, many things outside had changed in that time. Rudra Shrivastava has to be a part of a simple-looking plan to improve things that have changed.

This happens in the first episodes and many of these things have already been shown in the trailer. Talking about the dialogues in them, there is obscenity in those dialogues, the word is less. You will love the actor’s expressions and situations, he has acted very well and has balanced all the emotions. Youngsters will love these dialogues.

Its popularity has increased a lot, so its memes will reach you through some medium because where there is good content there is youth and where there is youth there is a meme.

Dialogues and Scenes – Apharan WebSeries

I am telling some dialogues for you, by reading which you will guess the level of this web series. ” Kidnap hui ho god nahi le li gayi ho, dard rakho Apni awaj me” Thus this web series follows the same style that was shown in Amazon’s Mirzapur web series and the atmosphere that was in Netflix’s Sacred Games.

Light is not a complete comparison of the web series with Mirzapur and Sacred Games because in the case of many things this web series separates its world. If we talk about s€x and gruesome then it is less than from Mirzapur but more than Sacred game and if we talk about premium feel, then it looks more premium than Mirzapur and less than Sacred Games. The storyline of this web series is very different and interesting.

Apharan Webseries

Its backdrop is not of Mumbai or Purvanchal but of Uttarakhand itself. In this Purabiya language will be heard instead of the language of Uttarakhand and that sounds a bit awkward. Crime means only Bihar is new, the creators of this content should keep in mind. Its background music is loud.

Somewhere the background music becomes extra loud, which is now becoming necessary in this type of content. Songs from the ’70s ’80s have been used as the background score along with keeping the title of its episode.

Cinematography is not much work in this type of web series because most of the scenes are done in the dark, closed room or low light But due to the areas around Rishikesh, there was a lot of scope for the camera in this web series And the cinematography of this web series is amazing, you will know this by watching the series.

Drone shots have also been used which can be seen from the scene of the Lakshman jhula and its shots continue to end. If we pay attention to the creativity in this, then a lot of disappointing work has been done in it like Dhruv did not get a single bullet out of the many bullets and Good work has also been done in many places, as before today it is hardly heard that a security guard is giving a damn on his job and a choreographer and event manager hitting the line on the bride All this detailing looks good and some things are out of mind. All this detailing is there when it is not even part of the story.

Direction and Other Facts – Apharan WebSeries

The director of the series Siddharth Sengupta has also been a director of superhit serials like Balika Vadhu earlier. His direction and Mohinder Pratap Singh’s story and screenplay are gripping but predictable also. In the middle, It feels good to listen to a folk song by S. K. Batalvi. Talking about the characters, Rudra Srivastava’s wife Ranjana has filled his house after getting it.

His wife’s character is played by Nidhi Singh. Despite having so many professional actors in this web series, the best acting is considered to be their kidnapping. Whose name is Anusha or Anu, This is a small but very special role as compared to the rest, which is done very well by Monika Choudhary. Anu’s father has 3 sugar meals, yet he drinks tea with light sugar.

Sanjay Batra is looking bitter in this role and his actions will be said to be good. Sanjay is associated with Siddharth from the time of Baika Vadhu. Govind’s wife and Madhu’s role as the master of the whole story are the most powerful. Despite being strong, stereotyping is more than layered.

Apharan WebSeries

Although you rarely see such characters in real life, there is a stock in films ranging from TV. Dev D fame Mahi Gill has done this character beautifully, Name Suryakant becomes security head. Although his entry takes place after a few episodes, his character is very important in the plot of the story. He has a good sense of humour and his IQ is very good. By the way, Varun has written the dialogues of this series, the rest of the characters have also done a good job and have completed their character.

Arunoday Singh, who played the role of Rudra Srivastava, has the most average acting among all. Whereas in this role there was a good chance for him to take his acting career to a higher level. In this, girls have been objectified at many places and The overall level of girls in the series is shown below. While this web series must have passed through the eyes of Ekta Kapoor, the girls’ star was not taken care of. If you say the final word in this, then this web series of about 4 hours is worth watching, so bad is also new.

Music and Cinematography – Apharan WebSeries

Music work has been done well in this series, people have liked it. Cinematography by Anil Katke and Vishal Sangwai is of high quality. Editing is even better done by Jaskan and Imran. Sengupta’s direction is praiseworthy, his direction is very good. Keeping the mind of the audience and its interest shows their subtle work. In one line, this series is strong and has achieved different reputations on different parameters. The hard work of all the actors has made this web series stand apart. given a distinct identity.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Apharan

Q. 1 ) can we watch it for free?

Ans. : Yes Absolutely, You can watch it for free on MX Player App.

Q. 2 ) Where can we watch this web series?

Ans. : You can watch all its episodes in the MX player app and Alt Balaji.

Q. 3 ) How many episodes are there and how long is each episode?

Ans. : It has a total of 12 episodes in Season 1 and each episode is approximately 18 minutes to 28 minutes long.

Some Screenshots from Episodes – Apharan WebSeries

Apharan Webseries
Apharan WebSeries

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