Atithi In House Part 5 Web Series Kooku – Episode, Review, Story

Atithi In House Part 5 Web Series

Atithi In House Part 5 Web Series

NameAtithi In House
GenreHot drama, thriller
Streaming PlatformKooku app
Releasing Date2nd May 2021

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Atithi In House Part 5 Web Series Cast

  • Moksharth Raghav
  • Gyatari Phulvani
  • Sandeep Boss
  • Shrutika Gaur
  • Simara, and
  • Richita Gosh.
Gyatari Phulvani

Kooku is back with another sensual and popular episode of the most popular adult app Cuckoo Guest In House Part-5. This is the fifth part of the show which will release on 2nd May 2021. There is going to be more thrill in watching this episode as the story is completely entangled in this episode.

Atithi In House Part 5 Web Series

Atithi In House Part 5 Web Series Story

The story will start with the last series  In this story we will see two girls who come into a relationship with each other. And his family tries to know the truth While it will be interesting to know what will happen next to them. The question is: will their love go away or will they have to separate? The trailer of the show was released on 29th April 2021 and comes with a completely new story  Paying guest Malini and Niharika have a physical relationship as both are gay. One of the girls spent the night with his roommate, unaware of his reality the night before. Both the girls are very loud, Khusi mother in law was happy because that she was enjoying herself with her husband. The next day she suggests Khushi to control herself because You are living in a joint family. But Malini and Niharika maintain each other’s relationship but after some time their truth comes in front of everyone. The members of the house later held an in-house meeting and all of them criticized the girls. The trailer of the show has got 134K views with 2K likes. The entire cast, except Malini and Niharika, is reprising their roles in the show.  This time again we will see many attractive sons of Mochita Raghav  This time the two female leads will mesmerize all the female leads with their scintillating performance. It is certain that the current season Farse will emerge as a blockbuster.

Atithi In House Part 5 Web Series Screenshots

Atithi In House Part 5 Web Series
Atithi In House Part 5 Web Series

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