Blue Whale Webseries Ullu- Cast, Release date, Reel name and Story

Blue Whale Webseries Ullu
Blue Whale Webseries Ullu

Blue Whale Webseries

OTT fans are always ready to watch some new and fresh content. Even the makers come up with a unique story for their viewers. In order to provide visuals and different web series, the Owl Boy Whale series has come up with Jigsaw which the audience is excited to see as the title became the scene of worldwide discussion till a few years back in which the game included Me Aapko Aapko. Was. And they were becoming a danger to others as well. This web series is completely different

When this incident was taking place, many people had trouble with it at that time, at that time parents were worried about their children. In that entire period, there was an uproar due to only one game, so the web series on this topic is very special. Watching this will prove to be very exciting and important.

All details: Blue Whale webseries

NameBlue Whale
Release date3 September 2021
GenreDrama bold, Romance
DirectorFaisal Saif
OTT platformULLU app

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Cast: Blue Whale webseries

Actress and Actor NameRole
Siyaal patilAnushka
Ananya sen GuptaKriti yadav
Deep TripathiVineet
RohitRajawat Boss
Blue Whale Webseries Ullu

Episodes & Seasons : Blue Whale webseries

Episode NameDirector Name
Episode 1Faisal Saif
Episode 2Faisal Saif
Episode 3Faisal Saif
Episode 4Faisal Saif

Trailer Review: Blue Whale Webseries

The name of the series itself is popular for a long time, this is happening for the first time that its name is in the discussion even before the series is announced. Because a few years ago this game was quite spread. When the trailer of this series was released, it has garnered 660k views and 4.2k likes since then. Which shows interest in this series. While watching this series, you will get that feeling which has really happened to many people. Because this series will look absolutely relatable and will feel like a lot of crime thrillers.

Story Review: Blue Whale webseries

This story is based on an incident that happened in India. The story of the series revolves around a girl named Kriti who aspires to become an air hostess. But she was not able to tolerate these rejections and because of this, she goes into depression. Then one day he got a link to a game on his phone who’s name was Blue Whale. She got involved in that game and went on completing all the tasks given in that game one by one. The tasks offered in that game had to be done in the real world. As she kept on completing each task, the level of the game increased and the game started getting fatal.When he decided not to play the game, the creator of that game threatened him that he would have to play the game Because all the information about that girl is in that app and now she has to die, In this way, this series shows a very dangerous situation which is fun to watch.

Screenshots from this Blue Whale webseries

Blue Whale Webseries Ullu
Blue Whale Webseries Ullu

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