Bose: Dead or Alive Webseries – Story, Cast, Release Date, Episodes

Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries

This web series is fundamentally different in the fiction line-up of Alt Balaji and its name is also kept quite mysterious. This series is based on the book by Anuj Dhar, Anuj Dhar was an Indian author and former journalist. It stars one of the most famous actors, Rajkumar Rao, in the lead role And Netaji makes a very good effort to bring to the fore the situation surrounding the death of Subhash Chandra Bose. This 9-episode ALTBalaji web series leaves no stone unturned to uncover the mystery of Subhash Chandra Bose.

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All Details – Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries

The opening theme of this Web Series is “Bose Title Track” is by Qaushiq Mukherjee, Neel Adhikari and MC Todfod. The ending theme “Bose Title Track” is by Neel Adhikari, Qaushiq Mukherjee and MC Todfod.

NameBose: Dead or Alive
GenreHistorical Period, Drama
LanguageHindi, English
Release Date20 November 2017
Country of OriginIndia
Created byEkta Kapoor
Developed byEklavya Bhattacharya, Jyoti Kapoor Das
Written byReshu Nath
Directed byPulkit
Creative DirectorEklavya Bhattacharya, Nimisha Panday, Jyoti Kapoor Das
Narrated byNaveen Kasturia
ComposerNeel Adhikari, Andrew T. Mackay

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Production – Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries

Executive ProducerHansal Mehta (creative producer) Suman Sengupta
ProducerIndranil Chakraborty
Production LocationKolkata, Bolpur, Mumbai, Laddakh, Thailand and Poland
CinematographyKumar Sourabh
EditorYasharam Chandini
Episode Running Time20-29 Minutes
Production CompanyBig Synergy Media
DistributorAlt Balaji digital Entertainment ltd
Original NetworkAlt Balaji

Cast – Bose : Dead or Alive WebSeries

  1. Rajkumar Rao as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.
  2. Naveen Kasturia as Darbari Lal.
  3. Edward Sonnenblick as Stanley Allen, IG Calcutta Police.
  4. Anna Ador as Emilie Schenkl.
  5. Alexx O’Nell as David Anderson.
  6. Chinmoy Das as Sarat Chandra Bose, (Subhash Chandra Bose’s elder brother )
  7. Nondini Chatterjee as Bhibhavati Devi.
  8. Abhijit Lahiri as Janakinath Bose,(father of Subhas Chandra Bose)
  9. Praveena Deshpandey as Prabhavati Devi, (mother of Subhas Chandra Bose)
  10. Manoj Mehra as Hemanta Kumar Sarkar.
  11. Patralekha Paul as Nandani.
  12. Surendra Rajan as Mahatma Gandhi.
  13. Sanjay Gurbaxani as Jawaharlal Nehru.
  14. Mariusz Daszczynski as Adolf Hitler.
  15. Akash Sinha as Rahman.
  16. Agnelo Chang as Nakamura.
  17. Sanjay Nath as Dr. Mathur.
  18. Sunil Kumar Palwal as Hayat Khan.
  19. Victoria Ansell Gauvin as Lydia.
  20. Andy von Eich as Prince of Wales.
  21. Mir Sarwar as Rehmat Khan / Bhagat Singh Talwar .
Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries
Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries

Season and Episodes – Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries

  • Season 1
  • Episode 1: Dead Or Alive
  • Episode 2: Bane of the British Raj
  • Episode 3: Catch me if you can
  • Episode 4: The Japanese Connection
  • Episode 5: The Gold Trail
  • Episode 6: Hide And Seek
  • Episode 7: Lost And Found
  • Episode 8: Escape To Afghanistan
  • Episode 9: The End Game

Story Review – Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries

In the second part of the web series Bose: Dead and Alive, we get to see a shadowy figure of a man. whose face is hidden under a large cap and is covered with a long scaly beard. Looks like a secret covered in cigarette smoke The cigarettes in his hands seem to be clues to his identity.

Till now he was sometimes seen sharing cigarettes with his jailer in jail and also a young girl is seen sharing cigarettes with him at the matrimonial meeting, She is very beautiful and it is a pleasure to see her. After he died in a plane crash in Japan it was discovered that he was Bose.

After all this, the most wanted person of the British is Bose whom they want to get. There is a thriller feel to it which sets the whole ambience in the title soundtrack with the beats of “Bose…Bose…Bose..” ALT Balaji’s 9-part web series Bose Dead or Alive explores the mystery behind his death with a dose of entertainment.

Anuj Dhar’s book is the biggest cover-up and with Hansal Mehta as the creative producer, the series is written by Reshu Nath, Which does a lot of work to show the story in a good way in this series. Whereas the first episode seems a bit rushed and even suddenly feels difficult. An English song is used and the series again quickly traces the losses of Bose’s rebellion, which will leave you feeling a different thriller. Does the series show patriotism and sacrifice for the country in a good way, which will touch the heart of the people?

Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries
Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries

Sample These : Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries

– I have the freedom to leave my job. When asked why he left a reputed Indian Civil Services job, Subhash Chandra Bose said “Don’t do Chakri, have to do revolutionary”. Bose’s introductory scene at President’s College shows him beating up a British professor the name of that British professor is Zacharie coffin. Naveen Kasturia has been best cast as Bihari – a pleasant villain.

The British are now afraid of this Indian revolutionary man Bose, who has become careful about him. Bosses do not limit themselves to revolutionary slogans or bow their heads, but they train the youth to fight with sticks and build an army. Calcutta will be too small for my army, Bose warns British corporate head Stanley(a good looking Edward sonnenblick).

After that, as history finally saw it, Bose gave a facelift to the mighty boys in the Indian National Army in South East Asia. Everyone saw the Second World War fight against the British. The use of Bihari as a narrative thread and as a representative of individual British officers was told in flashback that all this adds an interesting equation to Bose’s story.

This gives us his visit as Congress President in 1938 in various jails whose names are – leads to many theories of their whereabouts in Japan, Germany and Manchuria. The series is rich in its production design, In which there are costumes and props of the 30s and 40s (especially a telephone operator’s office) Which creates an authenticated setting. In this, the look of Rajkummar Rao is designed very carefully and well.

Which ranges from a man with short, puffy cheeks, coarse sand to a naturally shaven head for his baldness. The script also weaves humorous yet romantic scenes between Bose, his wedding date Nandini, and his alleged German wife, Emilie. About whom it is believed that he had kept 165 letters from Bose. Both the women called him their first love. Played an important role in the freedom struggle of his country.

Bose’s Alleged Encounter

This web series also points to the political divide between Nehru and Gandhi, including the encounter of Bose. As a British officer asked Nehru if Bose was alive and returned then who will be the prime minister, It is like fertile ground for further conspiracies. Although it is too clear and not enough research has been done, at least not in the first episode.

However, the mystery of whether Bose is alive or dead is well entrenched in this story. The main strength of this series lies in maintaining the heroic character of Bose and the spirit of immortal patriotism. The sad part is that it doesn’t have as much depth in its historical politics as it should have. The creators have enough to see in its next season.

Some Screenshots From Episodes – Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries

Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries
Bose: Dead or Alive WebSeries

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