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Are you excited to know more about this popular web series “Call Center Cast” then follow us below;

This is a popular drama and romance genre based web series. This is an Indian adult web series. It tells about the real truth of BPO. Where such people do not get work who do not get any work anywhere else. This has been told in this web series “Call Center”. In This series, 4 couples are attached just like a telephone wire, but the connection is made to someone else, but someone else receives the call and lettuce is there. Only anger and frustration remains in life.

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The story of this web series is very romantic. Whatever happens in this series “Call Center” is shown in this web series. It tells about the dark truth happening in many places in the name of work. In which, girls make money to go to any extent in the compulsion to fulfill their needs. This Web Series released on 26th February, 2021 on the Ullu App.

Call Center Web Series

All Cast of Call Center Web Series:

  • Shiny Dixit As Rozy.
  • Sonia Singh As Sneha.
  • Swathi Sharma As Rashmi.
  • Veer Chaudhary As Veer.
  • Santosh Pandit As Sukesh.
Call Center Cast

Storyline Of Call Center Cast:

The story begins with Sukesh getting a job in a call center. Sneha comes to meet Sukesh but he is engaged with another girl in the office. After a while, Sukesh invites Sneha inside. She talks about a job. But Sukesh asks her to come later. Because he didn’t have any promise where he could give him work. Then,a girl named Rashmi comes to the office to meet Sukesh. Rashmi meets another girl. who keeps promising him a job and a house.

One day, Rozy invites everyone for the party. But one day suddenly Gautam comes to her house. Then, Rozy impresses the call center manager Veer for the party. Since they could not have a party in their house, so he convinces Veer to have a party at his house. Then, Veer goes to the house. Sneha used to live separately from her husband.

On the another day, Sneha gets a phone call from Sukesh and he asks her to come for a job interview. Now, everyone is having a party at Veer’s house. Rozy didn’t believe in love at all. She was a very open minded girl. Rozy starts having fun with someone. Here Sneha comes to the office for a job. Now what happens to her will also be seen in this web series “Call Center”.

Rozy starts coming to one of the friends in the party then What new twist comes next in this web series??? To know all this always follow the Ullu app whose name is “Call Center“. And at home only Staying and enjoying these romantic web series to the fullest.

Call Center Actress Name
Call Center Web Series

Full information about Call Center Web Series

NAME Call Center
GENRE 18+, Drama, Romance
MAIN CAST Sonia Singh ,Shiny Dixit
RELEASED DATE 11th December, 2020
DIRECTOR Jasbir Bijender Bhati
Call Center Full Episode

Call Center Web Series Cast Name:

The most popular and best web series you all are waiting for to know more about is “Call Center ” Web Series. The main Cast Name Sonia Singh and Shiny Dixit played as a lead role in web series. We hope people are going to have a lot of enjoyment after seeing Hot And Bold actress as a ‘Sneha and Rozy‘ in this web Series.

Call Center Web Series Release Date:

The most Popular web series named as “Call Center ” was released on 11th December, 2020. You can surely going to enjoy this most romantic and hot drama web series the “Call Center “to watching on Ullu App.

Call Center Cast Actress Name:

Are you excited to know the Web Series Cast bold Actresses Name?? then, now we are going to tell you all about her name and instagram id too of this web series are listed below:

  • This Web Series Actress Name are Sonia Singh and Shiny Dixit act as ‘Sneha and Rozy’.

Call Center Cast Actor Name:

After knowing about actress ,other important role played by an Actor. The list of that Actor of Web Series Cast real Name and id are added below:

This Web Series Actor Name is Santosh Pandit and Veer Chaudhary act as ‘Sukesh and Veer’.

Call Center Cast – Episode 1-3 :-

  1. (Rozy):
    Rozy role played by actress Shiny Dixit.
    Her instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  2. (Sneha):
    Sneha role played by actress Sonia Singh.
    Her instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  3. (Rashmi):
    Rashmi role played by actress Swathi Sharma.
    Her instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  4. (Veer):
    Veer role played by actor Veer Chaudhary.
    His instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  5. (Sukesh):
    Sukesh role played by actor Santosh Pandit
    His instagram id is: CLICK HERE

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