Charmsukh Behrupiya Cast Web Series [Review & Cast]

Deke laakhon Rupiyaa..…Zindgi meh ayain Behrupiya... !

If you more excited to know this popular web series “Charmsukh Behrupiya Cast” then follow us below;

This popular web series , “Charmsukh Behrupiya” there is a story of cheat in the name of marriage with a girl. In this, new people meet with a smile but later give a dagger on their back. This web series is based on romantic and drama genre. Which was released on Ullu App.

This is an Indian adult and Hindi web series. In this web series,Charmsukh Behrupiyai is one of the very popular web series of ‘Charmsukh’. This web series also has hot and bold scenes. It is a kind of story has been shown, which will definitely entertain the people. This Web Series released on 13th September, 2020 on the Ullu App.

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Charmsukh Behrupiya Web Series
Charmsukh Behrupiya Web Series

All Cast of Charmsukh Behrupiya Web Series:

  • Soumya Tiwari As Preeti.
  • Nidhi Mahawan As Kritika.
  • Ashutosh As Shekhar.

Storyline Of Charmsukh Behrupiya Cast:

The story begins with Preeti, a young girl, she is a very traditional , beautiful and cultured girl. Preeti is living in a rented room with her brother and sister-in-law(bhabhi), as their financial condition is not good. They does not even have money to buy a house.

Then, one day her brother and sister-in-law shows a photo to a boy for marriage. This boy’s name is Shekhar. He is a very rich and handsome man. That’s why Preeti’s brother and sister-in-law wants that Shekhar gets married to Preeti. Shekhar gets hooked on seeing Preeti’s photo and immediately says yes to marriage.

Both of them get engaged. Shekhar pays off the entire debt of Preeti’s brother and sister-in-law and gives them a new house as a gift. Then one day , Kritika who is the Shekhar’s as a cousin ,comes to preeti’s house, and she touches Preeti in a strange way while teaching her to wear a wedding dress. All this seems strange to Preeti.

But she is unable to say anything. One day, Shekhar calls Preeti to meet him. He approaches her. Tries to come. Preeti first refuses, but when shekhar says that there is only few days left to our marriage she agrees and starting taking pleasure(Charmsukh) with shekhar .Shekher tie a cloth on preeti’s eye and hand with a rope , then after kritika enters the room.

Now, it has to be seen that why and how Kritika comes there?? After all, what do Shekhar and Kritika want from Preeti?? To know more about this web series follow on Ullu App and enjoy at home.

Charmsukh Behrupiya Actress Name
Charmsukh Behrupiya Actress Name

Full information about Charmsukh Behrupiya Cast Web Series

NAME Charmsukh Behrupiya
GENRE 18+, Drama, Suspense, Romance
MAIN CAST Soumya Tiwari, Nidhi Mahawan, Ashutosh
RELEASED DATE 13th September, 2020
DIRECTOR Shubhobroto Sengupta
Charmsukh Behrupiya Full Episode
Charmsukh Behrupiya Full Episode

Charmsukh Behrupiya Cast Web Series Cast Name:

The most hit and unique web series you all are waiting for to know more about is “ Charmsukh Behrupiya ” Web Series. The main cast name Soumya Tiwari ,Nidhi Mahawan and Ashutosh played as a lead role in this web series. We all are surely going to have a lot of enjoyment after seeing Hot and Bold actress as a ‘Preeti and Kritika ‘ in this web Series.

Charmsukh Behrupiya Cast Web Series Release Date:

The most Popular web series named as “ Charmsukh Behrupiya” was released on 13th September, 2020. You can surely going to enjoy this most romantic web series the “Charmsukh Behrupiya” to watching on Ullu App.

Charmsukh Behrupiya Web Series Cast Actress Name:

Are you waiting to know the “Charmsukh Behrupiya” web Series Cast bold Actress Name?? then, now we are going to tell you all about her name and instagram id too of this web series “Charmsukh Behrupiya” are listed below:

  • Charmsukh Behrupiya” Web Series Actress Name are “Soumya Tiwari and Nidhi Mahawan ” act as Preeti and Kritika’.

Charmsukh Behrupiya Web Series Cast Actor Name:

After knowing about actress ,other important role played by an Actor. The list of that Actor of “Charmsukh Behrupiya” Web Series Cast real Name and id are added below:

Charmsukh Behrupiya” web Series Actor Name is Ashutosh act as Shekhar‘.

Charmsukh Behrupiya cast
Charmsukh Behrupiya cast

Charmsukh Behrupiya Cast – Episode 1 :-

  1. (Preeti):
    Preeti role played by actress Soumya Tiwari.
    Her instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  2. (Shekhar):
    Shekhar role played by actor Ashutosh.
    His instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  3. (Kritika):
    Kritika role played by actress Nidhi Mahawan.
    Her instagram id is: CLICK HERE

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