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Cyber Squad (the year 2017) is a Hindi web series that was released on August 24, in the year 2017 on-demand platform Alt Balaji. This shows around the adventures of a group of four friends who build their own Cyber Squad as they erase the lines between the online and offline worlds.

Cyber Squad WebSeries

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All Details : Cyber Squad WebSeries

NameCyber Squad
GenreRomance and Suspense
Release Date24 August 2017
LanguagesHindi, English
Season and EpisodeSeason 1 and 10 Episodes
Written byReshu Nath
Directed bySuyash Vadhakar (pilot), Abhay Chhabra
Creative DirectorNimisha Pandey
ComposerJoel Pereira
Background MusicRipul Sharma, George Joseph
Country of OriginIndia

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Production : Cyber Squad WebSeries

Executive ProducerJyotin Kumar Srivastava (Inmuvi), Arya Gupta (ALT Balaji)
ProducerPiyush Singh
EditorsSandeep Singh, Randhir Chandra Jha
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time18-46 minutes
Production companyInmuvi Entertainment Venture Pvt Ltd.
DistributorALT Digital Entertainment Ltd
NetworkAlt Balaji pictures
FormatHDTV 1080
Audio FormatDolby digital

The series is available for watching on the platform of Alt Balaji App and its associated websites since its release date.

Cyber Squad Webseries

Cast : Cyber Squad WebSeries

  1. Rohan Shah as Ketan
  2. Siddharth Sharma as Armaan Malhotra
  3. Jovita Jose as Tia
  4. Omkar Kulkarni as Rocky
  5. Roshan Preet as Uzi
  6. Jasmine Avasia as Bianca
  7. B. Santhanu as Bhonsle
  8. Prerna Wanvari as Sanjana
  9. Aarti Dave as Nirupa Desai
  10. Krissann Barretto as Payal
  11. Vivek Tandon as Gabbar
  12. Chaitanya as Little Rocky
  13. Sheetal Tiwari as Anjali
  14. Ambuja Naik as Isha
  15. Minoli Nandwana as Kaniska
  16. Sejal Vishvkarma as Little Sanjana
  17. Shonita Joshi as Sinha Ma’am

All Episodes : Cyber Squad Webseries

  • Episode 1: I Spy
  • Episode 2: Missing
  • Episode 3: Money Transfer
  • Episode 4: Monster Hunt
  • Episode 5: Wedding Woes Part 1
  • Episode 6: Wedding Woes Part 2
  • Episode 7: Do No Harm
  • Episode 8: Be My Valentine
  • Episode 9: Hostage Part 1
  • Episode 10: Hostage Part 2

Trailer : Cyber Squad WebSeries

This web series is not on the same topic as usual, but it is different, in which the world of online has been shown. In this, you will see how some groups of friends help DCP Uncle with the help of their ethical hacking techniques. This group of friends helps DCP Uncle to solve the crime and catch the criminals, All the lead actors and actresses in this web series are teenagers.

Plot : Cyber Squad WebSeries

The series starts around four friends name is KD (Rohan Shah played the role), Rocky (Omkar Kulkarni played the role), Uzi (Roshan Preet played the role) and Tia (Jovita Jose played the role). All this badass youth is full of passion, Which helps the police catch the most dangerous criminals and catch the hackers with their secret cyber den. It’s all young people who want to do good work and who use their higher education and technical skills with the idea of ​​making the world a safer place. It has been given a feel of a lot of thrillers and is quite an interesting web series, you will feel like watching it if you have a little interest in technology.

Cyber Squad Webseries

Story Review : Cyber Squad WebSeries

Cyber ​​Squad web series mainly revolves around four teenagers, as the name suggests, this story is about teenagers who are hacking experts and Tops on playing games on the internet. Hacking is a big threat to all of us as we belong to the generation that is fully dependent on the internet. In this web series, we have been shown this by using some stories is that how hacking happens, in this the condition of hackers and hacking victims have been told.

As we saw in this series a girl is blackmailed by someone, who hacks her phone and starts harassing her by blackmailing through using her private photos. Although we are all familiar with such conditions, such incidents have started happening nowadays. Ketan who is the son of a police inspector and runs a cyber squad with his friends Rocky and Uzi after Tia also joins them.

All of them together first fix the matter and after that, they start helping the police inspector in some further cases. As we have seen it is set in a school, the life of a teenager has been shown to a great extent. The issues of life that today’s teenagers face like violence, threats, shameful yet meaningful in a comedy have been well portrayed in a way that people liked, these situations have been portrayed by the people.

Some fans are waiting for season 2 of this web series, so let us tell them that there is no official news regarding season 2 as well as season 1 has ended with the closure of Cyber ​​Squad. Right now it looks like this, there is little hope, although most of the new characters are there, even then everyone fits on their character.

Rohan Shah Ketan plays the role of Kd and also tells a whole story. He is an intelligent hacker naughty but clever and a teenager. Rohan has been seen many times in YouTube series and some television shows and there is no doubt that how he played his role. After this Tia plays the role of Jovita Jose, has done a great act Tia is smart as well as intelligent. This character is the favourite of many people.

When this series was released, many people liked this character and it became popular among youngsters, she is also a teenager. In some scenes, she tells teenagers how to stand up for themselves and shut the girls up for being sloppy profanity and bullying. His acting will hack your non-cyber heart too, you will go crazy about it.

Uzi is a boy instead of an innocent childish teenager who is also a part of this cyber squad and has the talent to see the small things from the big picture. Jasmine played the role of Bhumika, the girl in school who likes to call trouble herself, An autistic girl who embarrasses other girls but her acting is cute. Another character named Rocky is also a part of this cyber squad. This is done by Role Omkar Kulkarni who is often seen in YouTube shows. He has done many strong roles in the past, which was also liked by the people.

Cyber Squad WebSeries

Cyber ​​Squad is an Indian web series in which a strong script has been selected. This web series was released in the year 2017 on the OTT video platform Alt Balaji. Rohan Shah, Jovita Jose, Siddharth Sharma, Omkar Kulkarni, Roshan Preet were the main characters in the series. Here all the cast have done a good job, which was liked by the people and some of its scenes became quite viral, people shared a lot.

Direction and production : Cyber Squad WebSeries

Cyber ​​Squad is directed by Suyash Vadhkar, Abhay Chhabra and Nimisha Pandey. Suyash Vadkar has given his best work in other TV series like Class of 2017 and Behad and Yeh Hai Aashiqui. This Web Series is a teenager drama, In the beginning, sometimes this looks like the real story of hacking which you will also feel very connected and Simultaneously he turns his anxiety into teenage life like love, threats etc.

The best thing about this series is that both the aspects are presented in a very good manner which keeps the mind engaged. In this, at some points, high school students showed the essence of the student of the year, but the well-written script, In this, balance is maintained with the meaning of the life of the students. Its cinematography is also very interesting. No extravagant drama is being done in this .. it is not that anything has been shown.

Conclusion : Cyber Squad WebSeries

Cyber ​​Squad web series is based on the hacking and life of typical teenagers. In this, the entire entertainment of the audience has been kept in mind at many places and the recording scenes have been shot which have been liked by the people. There is a light comedy in the entire web series, this series will not give you a chance to get bored even once.

Each episode is different from the other and all the episodes are very interesting which is worth watching. Each episode has its own story which is based on a specific message and that is cyber. Talking about the cast actors, they did well in the roles they got. Each star has its unique ability and art, which was seen in this series.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) : Cyber Squad Webseries

Q.1 ) What is the release date of Cyber Squad?

Ans. : 24 August 2017.

Q. 2 ) Is the age of the actors and actresses cast in this web series?

Ans. : Yes, but their acting level is excellent.

Q. 3 ) How many episodes are there?

Ans. : Total no. Of Episodes is 10 and season is 1.

Q. 4 ) where can we see it?

Ans. : Alt Balaji platform.

Q. 5 ) What is the Genre of this web series?

Ans. : Drama, romance and thriller.

Some Screenshots From Episodes : Cyber Squad WebSeries

Cyber Squad WebSeries
Cyber Squad WebSeries

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