Dev DD Webseries [S01 & S02]- Plot, Story, Cast, Release Date

Dev DD webseries (in the year 2017) is an Indian origin web series that is available in the Hindi language, conceptualised and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor with their production company name is Balaji Telefilms. This web series is directed by Ken Ghosh, for video on demand OTT platform name is Alt Balaji. The novel is a different iteration of Devdas which has been produced in this web series, written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. This web series tells the story of a modern woman who is young and who is trying hard to break the concept of how Indian women should be. This web series is available on Alt Balaji’s OTT platform. All 11 episodes of Dev DD are available on Alt Balaji App and also on its website.

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All Details : Dev DD WebSeries

NameDev DD
GenreDrama and Romance
Release Date of
Season 1
12 April 2017
Release Date of
Season 2
20 February 2021
Seasons and Episodes2 seasons and 28 Episodes
DirectorKen Ghosh
WriterNikhil Vyas and Kamayani Vyas
Country of OriginIndia
ComposerRipul Sharma
Episode Run Time16 – 26 minutes
Production CompanyAlt Balaji telefilms
DistributorAlt Entertainment
ProducerEkta Kapoor
Camera setupMulti-camera
CinematographyAnubhav Bansal and Shreya Gupta

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Release : Dev DD WebSeries

The original release of this web series is 21 April 2017 –20 February 2021 and the original network is Alt Balaji and Zee 5 (season 2), in this web series picture format is HDTV, 1080i Audio format is Dolby Digital. The Director of Dev DD 2 (season 2) is Samar Shaikh and Harsh Dedhia. It was released on 20 February year 2021 at Alt Balaji and Zee 5 digitally. Dev DD Season 2 have 17 episodes and this web series is about homophobia, sexism and feminism.

Dev DD Webseries

Cast : Dev DD WebSeries


  • Asheema Vardaan as Devika (Devdas) (28 Episodes)
  • Rashmi Agdekar as Chandni (Chunnilal) (28 Episodes)
  • Sanjay Suri as Anurag (Chandramukhi) (28 Episodes)
  • Rumana Molla as Radha (28 Episodes)
  • Nauheed Cyrusi (17 Episodes)
  • Deepika Amin (17 Episodes)
  • Aman Uppal (17 Episodes)
  • Suneel Sinha (17 Episodes)
  • Satyajit Sharma (17 Episodes)
  • Akhil Kapur as Parth (Paro) (11 Episodes)
  • Jason Shah as Philip (11 Episodes)
  • Sandeep Pandey as Shrikant (11 Episodes)
  • Haseen Mastan Mirza as Chandni’s Girlfriend (11 Episodes)
  • Komal Chhabria as Parth’s Mom (11 Episodes)

Series Crew

DirectorKen Ghosh (11 Episodes)
ProducerEkta Kapoor (11 Episodes),
Shobha Kapoor (11 Episodes)
WriterKamayani Vyas (11 Episodes),
Nikhil Vyas (11 Episodes)
Dev DD Webseries

Season 2

  • Asheema Vardaan as Devika Dwivedi

In this, the brutal hero Devika Dwivedi is played by Asima Vardan. This web series revolves around his love life and love life Because she manages herself in this because of her heartbreak. She has now become a fighter who stands up to her friends for what is right for them. In Dev DD Season 2 You will get to see a more daring and adventurous side of Devika.

  • Sanjay Suri as Anurag

Sanjay Suri returns as Sant and sage journalist Anurag who is very much in love with Devika, But still, he has to stay away from her because This relationship is not acceptable to his daughter. In addition to being equal in love, he is also a journalist The one who is also engaged in the mission of bringing the truth of the female feticide racket in front of everyone.

  • Aman Uppal as Paritosh

Paritosh is a gentleman who has made a sudden entry into Devika’s life. There is an ophthalmologist Paritosh who is badly affected by Devika. Paritosh is played by Aman Uppal who constantly tries to woo Devika and wants to win her heart and he believes that Devika will fall in love with him. While Devika doesn’t seem to have the slightest inclination towards him

  • Rashmi Agdekar as Chandni

Chandni played by Rashmi Agdekar, In this, Chandni is Anurag’s daughter and Devika’s best friend. Upset on hearing about his father’s relationship with Devika and Trying to reconcile herself with both of them. He is also in a serious relationship with Radha which is a different feeling only after hearing it and she is struggling to accept the relationship in the eyes of her mother.

  • Rumana Molla as Radha

Rumana Molla plays the character of Radha who is Chandni’s girlfriend and She is also working with him so that he can be accepted by his mother. She is a brave person and a devoted lover in his relationship. She is always there to help Chandni in every trouble.

  • Nauheed Cyrusi as Aditi

Aditi is her accomplice and helps Anurag to bust the female foeticide racket. Nauhidi Sirusi performed this character who was once Anurag’s lover, But now they have formed a professional partnership to work on this investigation. She is a very courageous woman who is ready to take any risk for her investigation.

  • Suneel Sinha and Deepika Amin Deshpande as Dharam and Sarla Dwivedi

Sunil Sinha and Deepika Deshpande play the character of Dharam and Sarla Dwivedi which deserves praise, They are Devika’s parents and, after Devika herself, they have played a role in the series. They are sensible parents who support their daughter in her fight in judgment and He also has an open mind and approachable personality to all. His sizzling scenes with Devika in Dev DD Season 2 are great to watch.

Plot and Story : Dev DD WebSeries

Season 1

This is a modern Devdas that includes sexism, homophobia, feminism and many more which refuses to emphasize social societies. The story revolves around Vicky who is played by Asima Warden, she is some kind of girl who is drinks, smokes and also admits how much fun she enjoys s£x.

Such girls receive a general label from men and some regressive women as a slut or characterless. Although she is the pride of her parents and they love their daughter as she is. Vicky meets Paro aka Perth, the role played by Akhil Kapoor and falls in love with that boy And then his heart breaks too because Vicky fell in love for the second time.

Dev DD Webseries

Season 2

Here begins the process of finding Devika herself. Anurag goes missing on her in Mumbai and Devika falls into depression due to heartbreak. She no longer yearns for alcohol or drugs, if she is longing for love and acceptance but Anurag leaves only when she needs him.

Unbeknownst to him, Chandni is too crazy to fall on her best friend. Broken Devika woke up in Jaipur, don’t know when and how she came back to her city. Her parents are upset, rumours are spreading in the city, some people believe that she has become a call girl, while others also say that She got pregnant in Mumbai and others are sure that Devika is emerging from a drug habit.

Devika listens to everyone. One day after Anurag is heartbroken, she talks to her father and realizes that she comes from a long line of badass women. She realizes that she was not born to break her heart and be sad. She is born to breathe fire and then Devika rises herself and becomes the woman she always was.

He has a strong voice as well as harsh words for society. Thus she fights for Chandni and supports her marriage with Radha despite all odds. His feelings also find different ways with his friend Paritosh. His courageous darseitics come in handy to move ahead at a time. At another time, she fiercely raises her broken voice and becomes fully charged to face the challenges again.

After Anurag’s death, she emerges as a stronger will and then becomes impossible for her. After this, as the story progresses, we will get to see Devika searching again. In this she will learn that her value is not attached to any man, she is the one who is not because of the man in her life but because of the pot.

Devika Dharam Dwivedi will continue to be the girl we love and we inspire. She will change but being wilder than we imagine will make her even more dangerous and bold as well as aggressive.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ) : Dev DD WebSeries

Q. 1 ) What is the release date of the Dev DD Web Series?

Ans. : Dev DD Season 1 release date is 12 April 2017 and Dev DD Season 2 release date is 20 February 2021.

Q. 2 ) What is the time duration of Episodes?

Ans. : Episode runtime is about16 minutes to 26 minutes.

Q. 3 ) Which type of this web series?

Ans. : Genre of this web series is Bold Drama and Romance.

Q. 4 ) Is it like Devdas?

Ans. : Is a different iteration of Devdas, In this, you will get to see the story of a modern and courageous girl as well as other situations which will be quite entertaining.

Some Screenshots From Episodes : Dev DD WebSeries

Dev DD Webseries
Dev DD Season 1
Dev DD Webseries
Dev DD Season 1

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