Fatherhood Webseries Ullu- Cast, all episodes, Seasons, Actresses and Story

Fatherhood Webseries

Fatherhood Webseries

Those who were waiting for the new web series of Ullu, their wait is over now. The wait for Ullu’s new hot web series is over now, Ullu has come with a new web series. Ullu has long already set a benchmark for hot thriller web series and leaves a great impression on its fans. This web series of Ullu is coming with a unique and different story. People are much excited about this new one.

The name of this series is Fatherhood and from the title, it is difficult to guess what is the story and how is it. But from the trailer of this series, people feel that this series is going to be different and special. It will be heartening to see the father and son relationship portrayed differently for the first time.

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Cast : Fatherhood webseries

Actress and Actor NameRole
Ashmit PatelFather
Alam khanSon
Khushi MukharjeeGirlfriend
Fatherhood Webseries

All Details : Fatherhood webseries

Release Date17 August 2021
Genre Drama, Romance, Erotic
OTT platformULLU
DistributionULLU digital private limited
Age restriction18+

Trailer : Fatherhood webseries

The trailer of this series has already been released, the makers have made its trailer, its trailer was released on their official YouTube channel. This trailer has been viewed by more than 862k people and 10K likes It means that people have liked this trailer very much. People are wanting to see it and are also praising it, which shows the demand for this series.

Story : Fatherhood Webseries

This series is an Indian web series in which the story of 18 plus there is no doubt that this series will have bold hot romance. The story of this series revolves around a father and his son. The boy’s father is very strict about his studies and after seeing his laziness His father has hired a woman to take care of his son. After some time both father and son are attracted to that woman. The biggest twist here comes that the woman is also interested in both the father and the son. Later the woman tells the boy’s father that she wants to do a threesome. She asks him to tell his son about it, then his father talks to his son about it. talks about this erotic act then her son gets bored And says that her father is making her life hell. The story after that is very engaging and sensual.

Free watch : Fatherhood Webseries

Yes, you can also watch this web series for free, for this, you just have to download an app and the name of that app is MX Player. Watch it for free and enjoy its bold romantic scene, seeing the romance of a sexy actress in it, you will be blown away and some things will come to your mind and you will be ace to see more of it.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Q. > Can I watch it for Free?

Ans. > Yes, it’s available on the MX player app. you can watch it here for free.

Q. > Is there a threesome physical relationship in this series?

Ans. > Yes, its have.

Screenshots from Fatherhood Webseries

Fatherhood Webseries
Fatherhood Webseries

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