Games Of Karma Kabristan WebSeries Ullu – Watch Online, Cast, Story

Games Of Karma Kabristan WebSeries
Games Of Karma Kabristan WebSeries

Games Of Karma Kabristan WebSeries: There are many OTT platforms for the audience to launch web series in India. Most ULLU has achieved success in the last few years: ULLU always brings some great and different web series, due to which it remains the character of praise among the audience. On this platform, Karma’s Khel – Graveyard web series has come, which people are very fond of and excited too. This series has a hot sexy actress whose acting is as sexy as her this is why people are liking it too much.

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All Details : Games Of Karma Kabristan Web Series

Name Games Of Karma Kabristan
Release Date14 September 2021
Type18+, Drama
OTT platformULLU
Trailer duration2 minutes
Trailer Release10 September 2021

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Cast : Games Of Karma Kabristan WebSeries

Everyone knows that ULLU is basically known for its bold content and different story which is popular among youngsters because they enjoying a lot. Actresses are very well known personality which acting skill is just awesome and the most important thing in web series is cast, for that web series cast actor and actress name are here :

1. Karan

2. Nimisha

3. Sanjana

4. Rajveer

So dear watchers ULLU is actually cast amazing stars who portrayed the role of the character very well. In previous releases of ULLU, watchers are shown their love too much. ULLU is never disappointing the audience always come with an extraordinary story.

Games Of Karma Kabristan WebSeries

Trailer Review : Games Of Karma Kabristan WebSeries

The trailer of Games of Karma Kabristan was released on Owl’s official YouTube channel. The length of the trailer is only 2 Minutes. Where shown a story of one man One who is trying to fulfil his desires with dead bodies. Your desire means building a physical relationship. It sounds strange to hear but this is the reality of the story which was released by Ullu on 10 September 2021. Along with this, you can also watch the trailer on social media platforms. The trailer garnered over 1.5 lakh views and 4K likes in just one day. It will be surprising to see that fans are showing their interest in the new series. This series trailer was very much liked by the fans.

Story Review : Games Of Karma Kabristan WebSeries

The story of this web series is very different. Leprosy has left Farooq alone in life, Burying dead bodies in cemeteries becomes their job and choice. And when it is night, Farooq forms a physical relationship with those corpses and enjoys a lot, satisfying his mind. Once upon a time, Farok is caught by a young outsider But Farok is lucky that he blamed him in front of the villagers, for which the villager killed the innocent youth. Because the people of the village had great faith in him, he did not accept his mistake and killed that young man. Farok is still unaware of all these things that what is going to affect his life due to all these dirty antics. It will be very interesting to see ahead whether Farok will be punished for his actions. Will Farok get an answer from Karma? people are very excited for all this

Games Of Karma Kabristan WebSeries Screenshots

Games Of Karma Kabristan WebSeries
Games Of Karma Kabristan WebSeries
Games Of Karma Kabristan WebSeries

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