Ishq Kills Cast Web Series (Ullu) [Cast And Reviews]

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If you more excited to know this popular web series “Ishq Kills Cast” then follow us below;

This popular web series , “Ishq Kills” is based on the love story of two people. Many hot and bold scenes are filled in this web series. This web series is based on Suspence and thriller genre. Which was released on Ullu App.

This is an Indian adult and Hindi web series. This web series,Ishq Kills Cast shown that people sometimes have to give their lives for their love. This Web Series released on 20th May, 2020 on the Ullu App.

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All Ishq Kills Cast Web Series:

  • Aasma Syed As Simran.
  • Tarun Khanna As Vikram.
  • Usha Bachani As Simran’s Mother.
  • Akhilesh Verma As Ranbeer.
  • Saharsh Ku.Shukla As Maakhan.
Ishq Kills Cast Web Series Full Episode
Ishq Kills Cast Web Series Full Episode

Storyline Of Ishq Kills Web Series Cast:

The story begins with a village in which the family of Thakur Vikram Singh and his wife lives. Vikram Singh also has a younger brother, whose name is Ranbeer. They also have a daughter, whose name is Simran. Then, there is the domestic servant, whose name remains Maakhan.

Thakur Vikram Singh was totally against love and love marriage. But his daughter Simran commits this mistake. There is a boy from the same village whose name is Sonu. She was in love with him. They used to meet daily, and used to quench their thirst for love.

Now, doing all this everyday had become a hobby for both of them. They can no longer live without meeting each other. Simran’s uncle gets to know about all this. They also threaten Sonu by placing a gun on him. But even after that, both do not take the name of stopping.

One day, both of them get lost in love and then someone sees both of them from outside and lives now and is watching them in secret. All this will be known only after watching this web series.

Now, it remains to be seen what will be the result of Simran and Sonu’s love??who is watching them hiding??and why?? To know more about this web series follow on Ullu App and enjoy at home.

Ishq Kills Cast Web Series Actress Name
Ishq Kills Cast Web Series Actress Name

Full information about Ishq Kills cast Web Series

NAME Ishq Kills
GENRE 18+, Drama, Romance
MAIN CAST Aasma Syed, Tarun Khanna, Usha Bachani
RELEASED DATE 20th May, 2020
DIRECTOR Shadab Khan
Ishq Kills Cast Web Series
Ishq Kills Cast Web Series

Ishq Kills Cast Web Series Cast Name:

The most popular web series you all are waiting for to know more about is “ Ishq Kills Cast” Web Series. The main cast name Aasma Syed ,Tarun Khanna and Usha Bachani played as a lead role in this web series. We all are surely going to have a lot of enjoyment after seeing Hot and Bold actress as a ‘Simran ‘ in this web Series.

Ishq Kills Web Series Release Date:

The most Popular web series named as “ Ishq Kills” was released on 20th May, 2020. You can surely going to enjoy this most romantic web series the “Ishq Kills” to watching on Ullu App.

Ishq Kills Web Series Cast Actress Name:

Are you waiting to know the “Ishq Kills” web Series Cast bold Actress Name?? then, now we are going to tell you all about her name and instagram id too of this web series “Ishq Kills” are listed below:

  • Ishq Kills” Web Series Actress Name are “Aasma Syed and Usha Bachani ” act as Simran and Simran’s Mother’.

Ishq Kills Web Series Cast Actor Name:

After knowing about actress ,other important role played by an Actor. The list of that Actor of “Ishq Kills ” Web Series Cast real Name and id are added below:

  • Ishq Kills” web Series Actor Name is Tarun Khanna and Akhilesh Verma act as Vikram and Ranbeer‘.
Ishq Kills Web Series Cast
Ishq Kills Web Series Cast

Ishq Kills Web Series Cast – Episode 1-4 :-

  1. (Simran):
    Simran role played by actress Aasma Syed.
    Her instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  2. (Vikram):
    Vikram Singh role played by actor Tarun Khanna.
    His instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  3. (Simran’s Mother):
    Simran’s Mother role played by actress Usha Bachani.
    Her instagram id is: CLICK HERE

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