Kaneez (Part 2) Ullu Web Series Cast, Story, Wiki, Full Episode and More

Kaneez (Part 2)

Kaneez (part 2) is Released on 14 December2021, it is the sequel of the Kaneez series. It’s a hot web series with romantic drama.  Anushka Shrivastava and Aasma Syed are playing the lead role in this series

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Kaneez (Part 2) Ullu Web Series

GenreDrama, Romance
PlatformOfficial Ullu website/app

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Kaneez (part 2) cast

Kaneez (Part 2) Full Story

  The story starts with couples being married, we see Anushka’s Sana as the damsel in distress for the majority of the scenes. After that Aasma Syed becomes pregnant and comes to her mother’s house. Asma Syed reunites with Anushka Srivastava This is the time where Anushka Srivastava starts getting attracted to Asma Saeed’s husband.

Anushka did everything to make the couple happy and suffered humiliation, And in the last, when they tried to choose his child, then he got a chance to teach him a lesson. The ending is very exciting surprising and if you are looking forward to the Kaneez web series, you would love it.

Many people have such a wish that if this series was released on the other OTT platform, then a different reaction of the fan would have been seen.

A lot of people are focusing on Asma Saeed’s first wedding night scene in Kaneez part -1.

Similarly, the fan’s attention will be focused on Anushka’s intimate scene moments in Kaneez part -2, Anushka Srivastava did a great job for the extraordinary role.

Some of the responses of those fans who have seen areas

-This web series gives a banging feeling.

-I had just had a breakup and after watching this series all the pain and sorrow went away.

-Waiting for the next part, can’t wait

-This series comes in handy when I feel lonely.

-Picking up some lines from it, I stuck it on my Girlfriend ???? lol but fun ????

-I watched this series with my girlfriend, that feeling bro ❣️????????

-I live in the hostel and this series makes the hostel a paradise #kaneez

-Bold scenes ????

-acting top-class

-mai to fan hogya anushka ka ????????

-aasma ????????????????

-that chemistry ????

-when she starts talking ????

Some screenshots from this series

Kaneez (Part 2)
Kaneez (Part 2)

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