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Are you eagerly waiting to know briefly about this popular web series “Halala Cast -S1 then follow us below;

This famous web series , “Halala Cast” this story is based on the 3 talaq tradition of Muslim religion. In which after marriage, the husband gets divorced just by saying talaq 3 times. This web series is based on a true tradition. Which was released on Ullu App.

This is an Indian adult and Hindi web series. This is the story of injustice being done to women in the name of 3 divorce in Muslim religion. There are also romantic scenes in this web series. This is one of the popular web series on Ullu App. This Web Series released on 29th March, 2019 on the Ullu App.

All Halala Cast Web Series:

  • Shafaq Naaz As Afza.
  • Deepika Singh As Aamna Rizvi(Lawyer).
  • Ravi Bhatia As Raahil.
  • Eijaz Khan As Zaid.
  • Neelima Azeem As Raahil’s Mother.
  • Yatin Karyekar As  Imam Malek(Lawyer).

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Halala Web seies

Storyline Of Tandoor Cast:

This story begins in a court, where there are two lawyers, one lady lawyer Aamna Rizvi speaks against triple talaq, and another lawyer Imam Malek speaks in favor of triple talaq. Triple talaq is a tradition of Muslim religion, in which divorce occurs between husband and wife by saying talaq thrice.

Every little thing in this can lead to divorce at any time. In this the life of a wife gets ruined. Therefore, the demand to remove this tradition is placed in this court. Now ,lady lawyer Aamna requests to narrate the story of a similar case in front of the court.

The judge accepts his request and gives permission. Now she tells that the story begins to take possession of a 22-year-old girl Afza, who is getting married. She is very happy that day. The name of the groom remains Raahil , both of them get married, and both of them accept the marriage. Both are also very much in love with each other.

Afza tells that he is very fond of poetry, and Raahil tells that he is fond of painting. Now, three months have passed since the wedding. Raahil now joins the office, then he comes to know that after marriage his company going to sing.

He asks his father why he has not been told, then his father reprimands him. Now, Raahil becomes proud and gets angry seeing the proud mother working while in possession. Raahil angrily tells Afza that the company is running in loss because of you, and she is not able to take care of the house either.

Raahil tells him to ransom, and the argument escalates. Raahil angrily divorces him by saying 3 talaqs. Later, Raahil feels very sorry, but now he has been bowed down. He tells his parents that he has said this in anger. But his parents say that after getting 3 divorces, the second marriage can happen in the same condition. Now, Afza goes on another home for Halala for 2 months, now she starts living with someone else, whose name is Zaid.

Now, it has to be seen whether Afza’s new husband will let her go back to her first husband or not???? What are Afza and Raahil going to do next ?? To know more about this web series follow on Ullu App and enjoy at home.

Halala cast

Full information about Halala Cast

NAME Halala (season-1)
GENRE 18+, Drama
MAIN CAST Shafaq Naaz, Ravi Bhatia, Eijaz Khan
RELEASED DATE 29th March, 2019
DIRECTOR Deepak Pandey

Halala Cast Name:

The most real and unique web series we all are waiting for to know more about is “Halala ” Web Series. The main cast name Shafaq Naaz ,Ravi Bhatia and Eijaz Khan played as a lead role in this web series. We all are surely enjoy after seeing Hot and Bold actress as a ‘Afza ‘ in this web Series.

Halala Web Series Release Date:

The most Popular web series named as “Halala” was released on 29th March, 2019. We can surely going to enjoy this most based on real tradition web series the “Halala” to watching on Ullu App.

Halala Web Series Cast Actress Name:

Are you waiting to know the “Halala” web Series Cast bold Actress Name?? then, now we are going to tell you all about her name and instagram id too of this web series are listed below:

  • Halala” Web Series Actress Name are “Shafaq Naaz” act as Afza.

Halala Web Series Cast Actor Name:

After knowing about actress ,other important role played by an Actor. The list of that Actor of Halala” Web Series Cast real Name and id are added below:

Halala” web Series Actor Name is Ravi Bhatia and Eijaz Khan they are acted as Raahil and Zaid ‘.

Halala (season-1) Cast – Episode 1 :-

  1. (Afza):
    Afza role played by actress Shafaq Naaz.
    Her instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  2. (Aamna Rizvi)
    Aamna Rizvi role played by actress Deepika Singh.
    Her instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  3. (Raahil):
    Raahil role played by actor Ravi Bhatia.
    His instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  4. (Zaid):
    Zaid role played by actor Eijaz Khan.
    His instagram id is: CLICK HERE

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