Loyalty Test WebSeries Kooku -Cast, All Episodes and Story

Loyalty Test WebSeries

Loyalty Test WebSeries

NameLoyalty Test
Produced byKooku
Release Date1st February 2020
DirectorAzaad Bharti
OTT PlatformKooku App
GenreErotic, Hot
TypeSuspense, drama, Romance
DirectorAzaad Bharti
WriterAzaad Bharti
DOPSiddhesh More

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Loyalty Test Webseries Cast

  • Pooja Kashyap as Shivani
  • Supriya Sukla as Jennie
  • Bhanu Thakur as Rohan
  • Jenil as Anshuman
  • Love Preet as Tulika
Pooja Kashyap
Supriya Sukla
Bhanu Thakur

Loyalty Test Webseries Story

 Test of Loyalty The conversation between the best friends of two girls begins with one of them talking about the upcoming 1 year anniversary of their relationship. Girls start telling their best friends about their buff, how their behaviour is getting different in the last few days or weeks. A friend asks him why is this so, is there any problem in their relationship? The girl says that she had a new idea of what was going wrong in the relationship Then the friend tells her about her boyfriend is cheating on her and he is having an affair with another girl. But the girl does not believe her friend And she denies that her boyfriend might be cheating on her, Then his friend says that if this is true then he is cheating So he will be giving her presents and the girl will remind him about the recent gift. After meeting her boyfriend, things start to change and girls start trusting her friend. But a friend suggests she should test her boyfriend’s loyalty whether she is really loyal to him or not. Then they both decide to go to a detective agency and find out if he is real. They meet a detective boy who then turns to another as a part of a loyalty test. They meet a detective boy who then introduces another girl to his boyfriend as part of a loyalty test. Also puts a camera in their room and the lover falls into this trap. tries to flirt with a new girl and the girl was looking at them on the camera She learns everything and when she was alone the detective boy supports her and then she falls in love, and this is the story of the loyalty test.

Loyalty Test WebSeries

Loyalty Test Webseries Review

If you are fond of watching romantic web series, then this web series will be very good for you. In this web series, you are going to get a lot of hot scenes and suspense along with romance. Seeing which your mind will be filled with joy and if you talk about acting, then all the actors have done a good job in this.

You all know that this new generation mostly likes to watch web series whether it is action thriller or romantic people like it more.  You will get good fun of thriller in this. People like to watch it because it is presented as a small film on a small screen.  Due to this, people do not waste much time and they enjoy a short film in less time.

Loyalty Test Webseries Screenshots

Loyalty Test WebSeries
Loyalty Test WebSeries

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