Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Webseries Ullu- Story, Crew, Reviews

Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Webseries

Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Webseries: Another most exciting and anticipated web series has been released on Ullu, the name of this series is Madhos Diaries Good Wife, which creates excitement after listening. As we all know that Ullu is known for its bold scenes and strong story, so this is the series which is very amazing.

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Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Webseries

Name Madhosh Diaries Good Wife
Release date11 June 2021
OTT platformULLU
GenreDrama, Romance

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Madhosh Diaries [Good Wife] Season’s & Episodes

Episode NameDirector
Episode 1Sanjay Amar

Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Cast & Crew

  • Hiral shah
  • Mitesh shah
  • Riddhima tiwari
  • Raja amir khan
Hiral shah
Hiral shah
Mitesh shah
Mitesh shah

Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Trailer review

The makers of this series released its trailer on 8 June 2021, which you can see on their official YouTube channel. The trailer length is 1min. 7 sec which got 7.9k likes with 251k views in less time. Seeing which it can be guessed how excited people are for this series. This series is full of romance with drama for which people were waiting and now the wait is finally over.

Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Webseries

Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Story

It is shown in this story that the story revolves around a passing husband and wife. both are living happily The husband thinks that his wife is very simple and very cow-like in behaviour, so the husband thought of taking advantage of this thing. After that, the husband started a physical relationship with another woman. Her husband has this misconception that his wife knows something new but his wife knows everything. She used to keep the news of everything about her husband with the help of her servant. After this there is a tremendous twist in the story in which that wife also falls in love with her own servant, sleeps with him and has a physical relationship. is lovingly in the chest of her servant and romances her, The servant also enjoys a lot and he also romances a lot, both give a lot of happiness to each other. Now it is to be seen whether her husband gets the news about the relation of his wife and servant or whether new.

Many good actors in this web series are very capable, who has been shown extraordinary. The woman in the series is very beautiful, sexy and hot, she has worked in many shows, which is very much a fan of her. The boys have also played their characters well. The actress captivates everyone with her bold and sexy style, fascinates everyone, Darsak is stunned to see the figure of that actress. His scene is about bringing water to the mouth, which is presented in a very creative way.

If this story is told in a nutshell then Intimate plan with a hottie prostitute. an innocent straight wife who Intimate plan with a hottie prostitute. a gullible straight wife who pretends to be ignorant of her people While she’s a step ahead and very sexy too. Seeing her attractive body, water will come in your face and you will be attracted, she will force you to see.

Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Screenshots

Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Webseries
Madhosh Diaries Good Wife Webseries

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