Money Heist Review [Season 2]- All Episodes, cast, wiki, Story

Money Heist Review [Season 2]

IMDB rating8.2/10
First episode date2 May 2017
LanguageHindi, English, Spanish
(Spanish: La Casa De Papel)
GenreCrime Drama, Heist, Thriller
Production companiesVancouver Media, Atres media
Original networkAntena 3 (2017) Netflix (2019–2021)
Total Seasons5
Average time of Episodes1hr

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Money Heist Review

Money Heist Review [Season 2] Story

When the police are about to identify the professor, A lack of communication in the Mint team results in rebellion And a robber is caught.

Episode 1 –  Forensic Specialist Searches Toledo County House for DNA Then the professor lost his control. The thieves’ plan comes to a halt within minutes to disintegrate.

 Episode 2 – The police interrogate the arrested robbers. Berlin’s recent crackdown causes Rio to turn against him.

Episode 3 – Hoping to learn about the professor, Rakil appeals to the feelings of his captors.. The reason for giving rise to rebellion among the robbers is the punishment of high treason.

Episode 4 – When it seems to them that now their plan is failing, Then the first motive of the robber is to win the hearts of the people through the press. Rakil deliberately laid a trap to catch the professor..

Episode 5 – Arturo just happens to be working on another escape plan And he wants to make this plan completely successful. While talking to Salva, Rakil understands one thing that makes her mind race.

Episode 6 – Having confessed what had been a long-secret, Moscow loses its trust in its son. a contingency plan hit that was to liberate Tokyo, forcing them to fix.

Episode 7 – Injuring himself more, the rest of the robbers rush against time to save his life. Shortly after, Ariadna confesses to Monica..

Episode 8 –  Because of the professor’s removal from the case because of his relationship, Rakil goes on a hunt for the mastermind.

Episode 9 – When the police break into the mint, So Berlin guides the thieves in a final showdown so that everything goes well. What do you think  All of them will still live with 984 million euros – Or will they all save their lives?

Money Heist [Season 2] Cast Name

Úrsula Corberó as Tokyo

Miguel Herrán as Río

Jaime Lorente as Denver

Álvaro Morte as The Professor

Itziar Ituño as Raquel Murillo

Pedro Alonso as Berlin

Alba Flores as Nairobi

Darko Peric as Helsinki

Fran Morcillo as Pablo Ruiz

Paco Tous as Moscow

Esther Acebo as Mónica Gaztambide

Enrique Arce as Arturo Román

María Pedraza as Alison Parker

Kiti Mánver as Mariví Fuentes

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