Namkeen Webseries Ullu- All episode, Cast, Story, Role Name

Namkeen Webseries

Namkeen Webseries

Ullu is coming up with a new web series that has been appreciated by the audience of Namkeen, so Nirta was very excited about Namkeen, this is the time for more fun and more comedy. It is becoming very popular among the people of the series because the scenes shot in it are very beautiful and the stars cast are very hot and sexy. The internet has been rocking the story with the story revolving around an unexpected object who is about to avenge the life of the mentor in a house. Modes and trends are going to come in the life of a boy, in this way this web series slowly introduces scenes, which will start increasing the heat of your head and you will start getting excited.

All Deatils: Namkeen Webseries

NameNamkeen Webseries
Release Date20 August 2021
Genre18+ , Bold Drama and romantic
DirectorManoj Giri

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Cast: Namkeen Webseries

  • Aabha paul
  • Divya singh
  • Worship khanna
  • Jitendra Yadav
  • Rakshit pant
Namkeen Webseries

All Episodes details: Namkeen Webseries

Episode 120 August 2021
Episode 220 August 2021
Episode 320 August 2021
Episode run time15-20 minutes

Trailer Review: Namkeen Webseries

Is the trailer of the web series 1 minute 42 seconds in which it is seen that a boy named Rajveer goes to a woman. When both of them are sleeping on the same bed, they get a call from their friends and they have to run away at the same time. As soon as he recognizes his friend, he tells him that Ara has gone missing. Then he says I have an idea and then he asks Sam whether his uncle’s flat is empty or not. The woman from whom they seek help. The woman tells him the truth that Aara is not there and Muskaan is not her husband. The bit will be shocked and the same other or his friend will be seen looking for him. After all this, Wah will fall in love with Rajveer and they both develop a physical relationship and will have a lot of romance with him. Where you stand looking up and will be there often. After some time Muskaan comes to Rajveer’s flat. The aftermath will be a sight to behold

Story Review: Namkeen Webseries

This story is about a teenage girl named Ranveer who falls in love with married women and is attracted to them. He has a telescope with which he can peek into the houses of others from his balcony and see their work. what someone is doing, it all looked the same. Ranveer wants to enjoy with any of them but does not know how to succeed, then one day he comes to know that one of the married women who want to have relationships with many men and Ranveer is one of them After this comes a twist in the story. Ravi falls in love with the woman who was beaten up by her husband. From here the story becomes interesting, seeing which your mind will be happy. In this, the married woman looks very hot and sexy, which will attract the mind of any boy. To put it bluntly, this series is all about fantasies and dreams where some boys make fantasies to fulfil their sexual desire. When you watch this series you will come to know that it is full of enticing scenes and lots of adult scenes which will stir your mind. In this, you will see a woman in two forms, first decent and second hot sexy which attracts many boys whenever her husband is not at home.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Q. > Is there a hot scene in the web series?

Ans. > In this series Hot and Sexy bold actresses are present so you find multiple bold scenes.

Q. > What is the release Date of this Web Series?

Ans. > 20 August 2021

Q. > Who is directed this series?

Ans. > Manoj Giri

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Namkeen Webseries
Namkeen Webseries

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