Palang Tod Blackmail Webseries – Cast, Actress real name, Story

Palang Tod Blackmail Webseries

Palang Tod Blackmail Webseries

OTT Platform Ullu is loved by all who is back with another great web series titled Blackmail. Its trailer has been released, everyone liked it very much and you will also like it. Fans are praising it and people are waiting more for its series. Everyone liked this story full of suspense and people are curious about what will happen next. ULLU is basically known for its different story and bold web series which is won everyone heart.

NamePalang Tod Blackmail Webseries
Release Date8 October 2021
GenreDaring, Bold Drama, Romance
Seasons and EpisodesSeason 1 Episode 3

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Cast : Palang Tod Blackmail Webseries

Actress and Actor NameRole
Shubham vyasNitin
Simran KhanIshika
Kanchan awasthiMother
Vijendra SinghHusband
Palang Tod Blackmail Webseries

Trailer Review : Palang Tod Blackmail Webseries

As soon as the trailer of Palang Tod Blackmail was released, it has been seen more than 4.1 million times, which has also been liked 29k times, which is a lot. the upcoming series of Palang Tod series are very bold and exciting too, and we get to know by watching the web series that came before it. Its ever sari web series is different and all have become hits. Its story is also different and it also remains in the discussion, people are liking it.

Story Review : Palang Tod Blackmail Webseries

If we talk about its story, then the story revolves around a married couple who are planning to get divorced. Suddenly, his close friends make an entry in the story and give him the knowledge and understanding to live his life properly. After that, she starts enjoying every moment of her life and they both really spend a good time with each other and are very happy. Both have a lot of fun and romance with each other, you will enjoy watching the scene here. Everything goes well that one day they both attend the party and then they make physical relationship with each other and have a lot of romance. And the feeling is somehow recorded in a camera of the session. His son watches a video of him making a complete physical relationship. When she comes to know about this, she calls her friends and tells them everything. After hearing this, her friend sends her to get her purse as she forgets it at her home. She asks her son to give the parse to her friend, When he goes to her house to give back her purse, they both form a physical relationship with each other and make their minds happy. This time he records the whole romance and then starts blackmailing her so that she doesn’t tell anyone. Since then, with the help of video recording, he starts blackmailing her again and again. Now it will be very thrilling to see what happens next.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1 > What is the Release Date of Palang Tod Blackmail?

Ans. : 8 October 2021

Q.2 > How to watch this series?

Ans. : IN Official App of ULLU.

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Palang Tod Blackmail Webseries
Palang Tod Blackmail Webseries

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