Palang Tod Caretaker Web Series Cast (Part-1)

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The OTT(over-the-top) platform Ullu has released the most entertaining and romance genre drama web series “Palang Tod Caretaker (Part-1)” in the Hindi language. Palang Tod is the latest content of the Ullu App. This Popular Indian Adult web Series is involved fiction based stories within fantasy. Here you also see the Palang Tod Caretaker webseries Cast Name.

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You can visit Ullu App to watch all the episodes of this hit and fantastic web series. This hit web series is released on 5th February 2020. The story of this web series totally depends on all about “the game of desire exposes many secrets”. This is one of the best web series of palang tod contents as a part-1. This is the starting and hit series of OTT platforms. This series mainly have four characters, all are played the role of the lead actor and actress in this web series.

Palang Tod Caretaker Cast Name

Storyline Of Palang Tod Caretaker:

The story of the popular web series “Palang Tod Caretaker (Part-1)” revolves around a bold girl who gets hired as a physiotherapist for an older man. The story begins with Bauji who was advised by the doctor for physiotherapy. He was in dire need of a physiotherapist. Then, his son comes home with the caretaker. The girl looks more like a model than Caretaker.

Her good name is Pammi and she was a Nurse in the profession. Bauji(Patient) gets mesmerized seeing her and starts enjoying her service Now, That caretaker also starts serving Bauji with her body, mind and money.

She gives food on time as well as medicine. Due to Pammi’s service, a lot of improvement is happening in Bauji. Bauji’s son is also seen on that caretaker( Pammi). He also tries to come close to her many times. Then, his affair starts running with Pammi(Caretaker).

Now, she convinces Mangal many times in the forest. One day, Bigrel Bauji sees his son and the caretaker playing kabaddi, and on the second day, Bauji tells the caretaker to have fun like his son last night.

Pammi agrees after thinking a bit. One day, bad-tempered Bauji’s wishes are fulfilled and his daughter-in-law sees the caretaker coming close to him and start enjoying it. Now Pammi starts ignoring Bauji’s son, then Bauji’s son fires the caretaker and is kicked out of the house.

So, it will be more interesting to watch how she will help the old man to cure his pain. Now it has to be seen whether Babuji can live without the caretaker’s fun or not??? And what did bigger bauji do next???.What does his daughter-in-law do next after seeing that lot of fun between caretaker and her Father-in-law???. To know the answers to all these questions, enjoy the story of this web series by following Allu App.

Palang Tod Caretaker Full Episode

Full information about Palang Tod Caretaker(Part-1)

NAME Palang Tod Caretaker(Part-1)
GENRE 18+, Drama, Romance
MAIN CAST Simran Khan
RELEASED DATE 5th February 2020

Palang Tod Web Series Cast Name:

The Popular web series you all are eagerly waiting to know more about is the “Palang Tod Caretaker” Web Series. The main Cast Name Simran Khan played a lead role in the web series. Here, people are going to have a lot of fun seeing this Bold actress in this web Series.

Palang Tod Caretaker Web Series Release Date:

The most demanded and Popular web series named as “Palang Tod Caretaker” Web Series was released on 5th February, 2020. You can definitely go to enjoy this most romantic series the “Palang Tod Caretaker” to watch at your home.

Palang Tod Web Series Cast Actress Name:

Are you excited to know the “Palang Tod Caretaker(Part-1)” Web Series Cast bold Actress Name?? then, stop your heartbeat and going to know about her name and Instagram id too of this web series “Palang Tod Caretaker” are listed below:

  • Palang Tod Caretaker Web Series Actress Name is Simran Khan act as ‘Bold Nurse’.

Palang Tod Caretaker Web Series Cast Actor Name:

After knowing about the actress , next another important role played by an Actors. The list of that Actors of ” Palang Tod Caretaker (Part-1) ” Web Series Cast real Name is added below:

Palang Tod Caretaker Cast Name

All Cast of Palang Tod Web Series:

  • Simran Khan As Nurse (Young girl).
  • Rekha Mona Sarkar as Wife (Bahu).
  • Tarkesh Chauhan as Patient. (Bauji/Patient).
  • Lalit Dixit as Husband. (Son).

Palang Tod Caretaker – Episode 1 :-

(Nurse and daughter-in-law):
Bold Nurse role played by actress Simran Khan.
Her instagram id is: CLICK ID

Palang Tod Caretaker Web Series Simran Khan

Bauji/Patient role played by actor Tarkesh Chauhan.
His instagram id is: CLICK ID

Palang Tod Caretaker Web Series Tarkesh Chauhan

son role plaayed by actor Lalit Dixit.
His instagram id is: CLICK ID

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