Palang Tod Shor Webseries Ullu-Cast, Actress, Watch Online

Palang Tod Shor Webseries

Palang Tod Shor Webseries: Everyone knows that ULLU is such a platform that gives very cute content and everyone waits for this good content. It is considered to be the best platform so far in terms of web series. who is growing very fast It has won the hearts of many. Ullu brings quite a beautiful view

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Palang Tod Shor Webseries

There was a lot of excitement among the makers while releasing its trailer. When the trailer was released, it got lakh of views in a single day. The story of this series is captivating which is winning the hearts of the audience. Can’t take my eyes off the adorable conversation and scenes. It has been released on Friday 19 March 2021. It has been released on its official YouTube channel Ullu.

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Palang Tod Shor Webseries

Palang Tod Shor Webseries Ullu Details

Language Hindi
GenreCheating, Drama, Web series
Release Date19 March 2021
SeasonsSeason 1
DirectorManish Shrivastava
Distribution ULLU

Palang Tod Shor Webseries Cast and crew

  • Ankit Raj
  • Rekha mona sarkar
  • Sourabh agrawal
  • Soni Jha
Ankit Raj
Ankit Raj
Rekha mona sarkar
Rekha mona sarkar

Palang Tod [Shor] Storyline

The story of this series revolves around two couples who are newlyweds when they are all set to romance with their sexy wives. Excited to enjoy their married life. Then at this stage, the story suddenly takes such a turn. of any other woman who is married her husband is travelling somewhere Because of which his wife is upset because she is not getting romance. Tired of all this, she tries to attract any other men. Now it will be very adorable and exciting to see what happens next. Makers of these have taken great care and given a lot of knowledge with the help of this series. Absolutely snappy show as it came before which had masala drama and romance, All this will thrill you, will make your heart happy. Its story and scenes are such that will not let you hold back from watching the series. As we saw the love coming in the trailer, it can be gauged from how strong the story of the show is. Rekha Mona Sarkar will be seen in the lead role in this {Rekha mona sarkar ( suno bhabhi ji ) }. 3 people will also appear in this series, in this people will see Rekha who has given amazing performances before. Many of his web series are very popular and from which his fan following has increased a lot. Because of this many of his fans are ready to see his adorable look again. His many roles are unforgettable Get ready to see the different love that is in this series. There are many hot sexy scenes of Rekha in this, which you will definitely like to see.

When the romantic scene starts, it takes a lot to walk and come close, which concentrates on what is in the mind and it takes a lot of coming and going to see it. People are increasing their expectations from this series.

Screenshots Of Palang Tod Shor

Palang Tod Shor Webseries
Palang Tod Shor Webseries

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