Prabha Ki Diary [S2] Honeymoon Special Webseries- Story, Cast

Prabha Ki Diary

Prabha Ki Diary [S2] Honeymoon Special Webseries: People were waiting very much for this web series, Prabha Ki Diary Honeymoon Special is ready to captivate the mind of the people. Seeing the success of the first season of this web series, the makers decided to make it season 2. Which was released on 30 March 2021.

It is certain that the show will create a different world in the hearts of the people and people will give a lot of love, this is the reason people love this romantic drama, this is the reason that special care has been taken in the season as well.

Prabha Ki Diary [S2] Honeymoon Special Webseries

Name Prabha Ki Diary Honeymoon Special
Release Date30 March 2021
GenreDrama, Romance, Web series
DirectorSanjay Amar
Seasons and EpisodesSeason 2

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Prabha Ki Diary
Prabha Ki Diary Honeymoon Special

Prabha Ki Diary Honeymoon Special All Episodes

Episode nameRelease Date
Episode 130 March 2021
Episode 230 March 2021
Episode 330 March 2021

Prabha Ki Diary Honeymoon Special webseries Cast with Crew

  • Naaz Khan
  • Maitrik Thakkar
  • Pamela Mondal
Naaz Khan
Naaz Khan
Maitrik Thakkar
Maitrik Thakkar

Prabha Ki Diary [S2] Honeymoon Special Webseries Storyline

The story of an introverted girl has been told in this web series. A boy is found for that girl’s marriage, but due to the nature of the girl, both of them are unable to communicate. Her husband wants to come closer to her, the marriage is done but the girl did not romance with her husband. This goes on and on and her husband gets angry later. He doesn’t like it at all. Her husband wants to sleep and romance with his wife but that girl won’t let him. One day her husband called his friend and told him everything about how his wife didn’t allow him to do anything. Thinking of a honeymoon, that girl goes closer to her husband, then her husband thinks that maybe she’s kidding her husband wouldn’t believe it; But when that girl gets really close, her husband gets shocked. The girl’s imagination is incomplete and she hasn’t romanced well yet because he didn’t let her get close, The boy is upset because of this and then he goes with his female friends. Have physical relations with his female friends. After some time like this, the girl saw everything that how he was cheating on her. He was caught red-handed and got so angry that he slapped. It will be fun to see what happens after this, Now we have to see whether he will get rid of his introverted behaviour. Or maybe happen something else. In this series way of romance is different and attractive. When you see those scenes you feel different excitation.

When the trailer of this web series came on YouTube, it got 533k views within 4 days. 8.9k likes were received, The show was released in the Hindi language including Tamil, Telugu. People did not expect such a story so they are all very happy The trailer of this web series created a lot of excitation. Director Sanjay Kumar gave this web series a very special form with his vision, due to which people are liking it so much. Special attention has been given to the dress in this story. so that a good atmosphere can be found, which can be seen and felt For all these reasons this web series is special.

Honeymoon Special Webseries Screenshots

Honeymoon Special Webseries
Honeymoon Special Webseries
Honeymoon Special Webseries

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