Relationship Counselor (part -2) Web series Ullu, Cast, All episode, Release date

Relationship Counselor

Relationship Counselor (part -2) Web series

GenresDrama, Romance,
CategoriesWeb Series, Ullu
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Telugu, English

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Relationship Counselor (part -2) Web series Cast

Real NameReel Name
Jiten Bishtas Kartik
Sharad Ghoreas Rajeev
Sharanya Jit Kauras Sejal
Priya Gamreas Meghna

There are millions of followers of Ullu who are crazy about its Relationship counsellor part -2 web series and always watch, What is Ullu famous for Which has a lot of romance, lust and thrill stories, Fans were waiting for the next part of this Relationship counsellor part -2 series and Ullu has also shown it to live up to the expectations of all the fans.  Relationship counsellor part -2 series is outstanding, public Was waiting for the next part of  Relationship Counselor Part-2 every single fan is eagerly waiting to watch all the web series of Ullu Originals. The full dose of entertainment is all set to make a blast, Not only this, but the story of every series engaging more audience, Up-coming web is full of love, lust and hot romance with a hot environment which is blow your mind, ULLU Original Relationship Counselor Part-2 Web Series will highly anticipate the story for the viewers as of youngsters. You just watch and enjoy the whole story as it used to come in the first series. This series full of high expectations will give you all the fun, just watch it completely and have fun. People showered a lot of love on the trailer and this shows the atmosphere of the series that everyone is completely excited.

Relationship Counselor

Relationship Counselor (part -2) Web series Story

Relationship Counsellor Part 2 is the sequel of the Relationship Counsellor from the Ullu platform. The Relationship Counsellor Part 2 brings with a new twist where the Own relationship goes to the stake during inviting the Friend as a guest to their home. From here you will start getting interested. This part is awesome In this you will see a thrill in which there is more than one bold scene that will captivate your mind. Relationship Counsellor Part 2 series exclusively available on Ullu app from December 10, 2021.

Let me show you some screenshots so that you can guess what is the fun in this series:

Relationship Counselor

The way to shoot it is completely different which will give you a next level cinematic feel

Fans are saying this is one of the most powerful series of Ullu, in which the experience was very good to watch. Try putting on earphones for a better feeling, you will feel the theatre

Relationship Counselor

This scan will touch your heart, the way the camera shot comes and closes will give you a good feeling. Tired of Kartik’s daily sexual desires, Sejal leaves the house and go with friends Megha and her husband Rajiv. Who decides to council them to help fix their differences. But they know that this decision of becoming,  “Relationship Counsellor” for friends would make them cross their own limits and their own relationship will be at stake.

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