Romil and Jugal Webseries Plot, Story, Cast, Release Date, Actress

Romil and Jugal Webseries

Romil and Jugal is an Indian web series in which a different story has been presented. Which has been released by Ekta Kapoor in her OTT space Alt Balaji. The main characters of this series are Rajiv Siddharth and Manraj Singh. The different story in this web series is about two young gay men and how society accepts or treats them.

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All Details : Romil and Jugal Webseries

NameRomil and Jugal
Release Date21 April 2017
LanguagesHindi and English
Created byEkta Kapoor
Developed byEkta Kapoor
Written by

Story and Screenplay
Anu Menon,
James Ruzicka
Seasons and Episodes1 Season and
10 Episodes
Dance TrackAnurag Saikia

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Production : Romil and Jugal Webseries

ProducerEkta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor
Production LocationMumbai, Maharashtra, India
EditorGeeta Singh
Camera SetupMulti-Camera
Running Time18-25 Minutes
Production CompanyBalaji Telefilms
DistributionAlt Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Romil and Jugal Webseries

Release : Romil and Jugal WebSeries

Release Date21 April 2017
Orginal NetworkAlt Balaji
Picture FormatHDTV 1080
Audio FormatDolby Digital

Cast : Romil and Jugal WebSeries

  • Rajeev Siddhartha as Romil Kohli
  • Manraj Singh as Jugal Subramaniam
  • Mandira Bedi as Ahalya
  • Hariman Dhanjal as Mehul
  • Shrishti Ganguly Rindani as Ramya Subramaniam
  • Manini Mishra as Sunita Kohli
  • Suchitra Pillai as Bhagyalaxmi Subramaniam
  • Vritika Ramnani as Meher
  • Rohan Mehra as Amit
  • Mudita Shauq as Dimple Kohli
  • Bhuvnesh Shetty as Mr. Subramaniam
  • Harssh A. Singh as Jindal Kohli
  • Divina Thakur as Kenny Desai
Romil and Jugal Webseries

List of episodes : Romil and Jugal WebSeries

This web series is mainly made in the Hindi language. It has been dubbed in 3 languages ​​which are Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

  • Episode 1 – “Love at First Sight” ,16 April 2017

A new attraction arrives in the small town of Colvinganj and Jugal is excited as he feels like his dream may finally come true; It’s shown in this episode.

  • Episode 2 – “The New Guy Next-Door” ,16 April 2017

Romeo and Juliet get shortlisted A classic love story is about to centre but who loves whom; It’s shown in this episode.

  • Episode 3 – “Three Words Dear Romeo” ,16 April 2017

Invitation to your sweetheart can be the perfect start to a love story but is jugal lucky or not; It’s shown in this episode.

  • Episode 4 – “A Kiss and a Punch” ,16 April 2017

Love blooms: Everyone’s dreams come true, the heartbeat also stopped. Is it worth expressing Kiss feelings; It’s shown in this episode.

  • Episode 5 – “Dream or Reality?” ,16 April 2017

Change of heart and love is finally accepted. Is the love story started; It’s shown in this episode.

  • Episode 6 – “Virgins No More!” ,16 April 2017

Love is at its peak, finally, two souls found peace in each other’s arms, will they be able to face the world; It’s shown in this episode.

  • Episode 7 – “Truth and Lies” ,16 April 2017

There are two persons, there are also two families and the truth is one. Will their world be destroyed or will this story have a good ending; It’s shown in this episode.

  • Episode 8 – “In Love and War!” ,16 April 2017

love doesn’t care about limits, Will Romil’s rate prevail over his love; It’s shown in this episode.

  • Episode 9 – “Thus With a Kiss I Die” , 16 April 2017

Disappointed and hurt, love birds find their own nest. Will they find acceptance in their new environment; It’s shown in this episode.

  • Episode 10 – “Season Finale:A Happy Ending…NOT” , 16 April 2017

People say that marriages are made in heaven but they have to be managed on earth. Will Romil and Jugal be able to do this; It’s shown in this episode.

Romil and Jugal Webseries

Story Review : Romil and Jugal WebSeries

In real words -When I saw the screening of Romil Aur Jugal I was very sceptical because most of the producers treat homosexual relationships differently. Romil and Jugal pleasantly surprised me from the very first frame, We see Jugal, the son of an assistant manager of a state. A good looking, well-educated dancer knows even his s£xual desire. Knowing that now someone has to help him, he talks about his interest with his best friend Mehr.

He is not interested in girls but in boys, no member of his family knows the matter. Hormones were in turmoil and she was looking for someone to make her life more enjoyable what can get. On the other hand, Manraj is also waiting for the man of his dreams as fate is. He welcomes his new neighbour, Kohli who gave the stud of a son Romil, this story is becoming more interesting and the lines are funny.

The fact that Jugal’s father doesn’t like Kohli doesn’t let their friendship go easy but the youth find their way out. Romil soon attains the position of Most Wanted Munda in the hill station. Even Jugal’s sister Ramay is crazy about him. In the night, Romil pointed to Jugal’s balcony and smooched him josely. This love story is very well told, There is also a part which is quite good in which Jugal quotes from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet during a play rehearsal for Romil.

The two become friends and after the initial uncertainty, they find happiness in their partner. Now it’s a matter of who will give a young man if a secure relationship is made. I am actors Manraj Singh and Rajeev Siddhartha Sandar. Where Manraj expressed his acting nice and Rajiv also gives a brilliant performance. When Romil gets romantic about his image as a player in Jugal’s eyes.

Suchitra Pillai and Vrittika Ramnani are also in good form, however, Nupur Asthana should play for Anu Menon and James Rujika which is written on paper. The production values ​​are also good and Nupur has used natural beauty to create the mood of the story. The best gay love story on celluloid is probably Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain. Although we cannot compare any work to come with a masterpiece in India Nice to see a life gay love story told with such warmth and tenderness you will love it too.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) : Romil and Jugal WebSeries

Q. 1 ) What is the release date of this web series?

Ans. : 21 April 2017.

Q. 2 ) How much time will the episode take?

Ans. : 18 – 25 Minutes .

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