The Devil Inside Web Series Ullu- Cast, Story, Actress real name

The Devil Inside Web Series Ullu
The Devil Inside Web Series Ullu

One of the most powerful series of ULLU is considered The Devil Inside webseries, it has been cast from The Family Man who plays a very good role in the Family Man. Everyone knows the success of the family men web series. So there is a very special story in this series and there is a web series of ULLU, so there is a lot of romance and hotness in it. You must watch this series, it has plenty of thrills and twists which will keep your mind.

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All Details : The Devil Inside Webseries

NameThe Devil Inside Web Series Ullu
Release Date13 August 2021
Streaming platformULLU
GenreDrama, thriller, Romance
TypeWeb Series
StageDigital OTT ULLU
DirectorZia Ullah Khan

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All Episodes : The Devil Inside Webseries

Episode NameDirector
Episode 1Zia Ullah Khan
Episode 2Zia Ullah Khan
The Devil Inside Web Series Ullu

Cast : The Devil Inside Webseries

Actress and Actor NameRole
Arshi KhanLead Role
AngieLead Role
Nasir AbdullahLead Role
Sharib HashmiLead Role

Trailer Review : The Devil Inside Web Series

When the trailer of this web series came, the response of the people was very positive and they were all interested and waiting for it. When the trailer was released in some time it got 1.1 million views with 8.3k likes. Which is large enough to Guess the hype of this Web Series. It has hot drama as well as a thriller which will make the heart happy.

Story Review : The Devil Inside Web Series

Shaped by the beauty of a family employee’s new bride, her wealthy boss also pays her too much money to romance her wife and have romance together. She is the bride. Shamelessly turns down the deal, because of which the greedy owner imposes himself on her, which triggers a twist of blackmail and coercion with Taarike, she wants to make up her mind to cheat. ULLU focuses on the story rather than all the other aspects and includes the focus on other elements as well. Ullu is making a series on a different story keeping in mind the expectations of its new audience. ULLU Can’t connect more audiences without making a good Story. This is why ULLU makes the thrilling and different story that is completely different from any other previous web series. We have seen Rashmi Desai earlier in the Tandoor series. Arshi Khan is now coming in consecutive series in Ullu Series. This web series suddenly gives a lot of entertainment to the actors and people, due to which this series is becoming more successful as well as it has bold and sexy scenes for the people’s expectation.

The Devil Inside Is Being Guessed From The First Scene And There’s No Doubt. The actor is also excited for this web series because it is a special story and also different. ULLU never disappoint us, in every web series its delivered extraordinary content to us.

Screenshots from The devil inside Webseries

The Devil Inside Web Series Ullu
The Devil Inside Web Series Ullu

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