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The Test Case webseries was one of the Indian produced web series which was much awaited. The episodes of Starting came out a while back and On 26th January, the entire first season of The Test Case came exclusively on Alt Balaji’s platform, which is being streamed both on the app and on the associated site. The Test Case web series was in the news for many reasons, one of which is that the star cast was special in it. In this Juhi Chawla, Nimrat Kaur, Rahul Dev, Atul Kulkarni and many other Bollywood legends have acted.

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All Details : The Test Case WebSeries

NameThe Test Case
Release Date30 April 2017
GenreDrama web series
Created byEkta Kapoor
Country of OriginIndia
Developed byEndemol Shine India
Written byIshita Moitra
ScreenplayMukul Shrivastava and Nagesh Kunkunoor
Story bySamar Khan and Vinay Waikul
No. Of Episodes11
No. Of seasons1

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Budget and Production : The Test Case WebSeries

Budget in Indian Rupees4 Crore
Executive ProducerMrinalini Khanna
ProducerShefali Bandyopadhyay, Akshay Mhatre and Shravan Reddy
Production locationsMumbai, Maharashtra
EditorsAbhishek Seth and Shakti Hasija
Camera SetupMulti-camera
Running Time30 minutes
Production companyEndemol Shine India
DistributorAlt Digital Media Entertainment Limited
The Test Case Webseries

Episodes : The Test Case WebSeries

  • Episode 1: The Beginning.
  • Episode 2: The Outsider.
  • Episode 3: The Player.
  • Episode 4: Heart of Darkness – Part 1.
  • Episode 5: Heart of Darkness – Part 2.
  • Episode 6: Down but Not Out.
  • Episode 7: Mind Games.
  • Episode 8: Prisoners of Conscience.
  • Episode 9: The Confession.
  • Episode 10: Season Finale: What goes around.. Comes around.

Cast : The Test Case WebSeries

  1. Nimrat Kaur as Captain Shikha Sharma .
  2. Juhi Chawla as Shraddha Pandit (cameo).
  3. Atul Kulkarni as Colonel Ajinkya Sathe.
  4. Rahul Dev as Naib Subedar Kirpal Bhatti.
  5. Anup Soni as Lieutenant Colonel Imtiaz Hussain
  6. Akshay Oberoi as Captain Bilal Siddiqui.
  7. Manit Joura as Captain Avinash Walia.
  8. Bhuvan Arora as Captain Rohan Rathore.
  9. Sumit Suri as Captain Ranjit Surjewal.
  10. Tarun Gahlot as Captain ‘Tank’ Chauhan.
  11. Bijou Thaangjam as Rifleman Tej Bahadhur Thapa.
  12. Saurabh Goyal as Captain Vishnu Soren.
  13. Suhail Nayyar as Captain Manit Verma.
  14. Shruthy Menon as Dr.Captain Aparna Rao .
  15. Rio Kapadia as Major General M. Sundar Raman
  16. Arshia Verma as Captain.
  17. Samir Kochhar as Shivalik Ahuja
  18. Pawan Chopra as Subedar Major Devidyal.
  19. Rituraj Singh as General Bedi
  20. Sonal Jha as Captain.
  21. Rajveer Singh Rajput as Tender

Reception : The Test Case WebSeries

A very popular Indian Bollywood actor name is Aamir Khan liked this web series and appreciated the entire cast of the series for their talent and efforts.

The Test Case Webseries

Story Review : The Test Case WebSeries

Nimrit Kaur plays the role of the first woman officer to enrol in the Army’s Special Forces unit in this Alt Balaji web series. Don’t need someone’s help to help Nimrit Kaur pack a huge long-delayed punch with the test case.

Test Case Director is Nagesh Kukunoor, Vinay Vekulsat and the star cast is Nimrit Kaur, Atul Kulkarni, Rahul Dev and the rating is 3.5/5. Television in India has long needed to reform itself but we have given up any hope of seeing it while primetime shows have become more regressive and unintentional over the past half-decade.

Now all of us like web series and have put all our hopes on web series. While not producing normal love stories, web series have allowed people like Vikram Bhatt to move forward with more reality in the form of the mystery of death. However, with the test case of Nimrit Kaur, a new time has come for all of us, in which we will get to see something really good. We were hopeful that it would be taken over by the same entity that destroyed the first of TV’s Balaji.

Its Free or Not ?

Alt Balaji cleverly brought 3 episodes of the web series for free and the remaining episodes will have to be paid for. When President Pranab Mukherjee Decided to Recruit Women in Fighter Roles in the Army in 2016, So Ekta Kapoor ran her mind and came up with an idea for a new show; The Test Case is the story of Captain Shikha Sharma who is the first woman to be enrolled in the Special Forces Unit of the Indian Army And there is a story of the struggle between male soldiers to stand up for themselves.

Conflict in this means tolerating sexist jokes, sharing a shower with a naked, vulgar guy. This includes as long as there is sexual harassment as shown. The opening few episodes test their patience with thick, relentless dialogues on women’s empowerment and finally its feminism. In Dor Aur Iqbal, the pilot episode directed by Nagesh Kukunoor reveals Rani Lakshmi Bai’s heroism and Howard has to endure more pain than men.

The most powerful comeback of our heroine makes a man question his strength. Not only the dialogues, but the accompanying music is also a problem. strangely disturbing music that would in a way be very reminiscent of the kind that Plays in dirty videos. What should have been added to the conversation? Along with working hard to get what he deserves, he had to keep himself strong.

Workplace harassment is a nightmare and reporting it isn’t as easy as it sounds. With the test case, our leadership is aware that even reporting a crime like sexual harassment doesn’t go without punishing the victim. We warned you about what she expected to do into a battalion full of men.

This is the only reason that women are not in the army world and many do not even want to go. Now it is not even here that everyone is like that, there are many good-intentioned men too. To save those who want to speak their truth. But she decides to save herself in a way that may not work in every situation But that makes her story the cutest. One of Nimrit’s biggest debuts is The Lunchbox. But after 5 years he always struggles to remember the work.

Which is a shame. Here she is, confident as she takes on her incredible vibes, With glory as he as his imagined ally and with pain as he weeps in the bath. When she tries to scream or shout her voice still breaks but only she knows that her sweet lofty character has finally had enough. The show starts in a thrilling sermon and Anoop Soni is called in.

Check out, it was a welcome surprise to see him on a fantasy show after many years as the host of Crime Patrol. In a fit of rage in its star cast, Karnal also features Kulkarni whose only job is to say anti-feminist lines. In front of them, I am not a misogynist but…Due to this Nimrit gets a reason to teach more lessons in naivedya. with a cast full of men Actor Bhuvan Arora also needs special mention for his role as Captain Rathore.

He was initially blessed with a subtle character but he gilded only Lilly with his mature, subtle performance. Even if the test cases were in the army might seem like another story and In this, the atrocious Governance performed by men and women, the show is the story of the struggle of any woman in male-dominated activities. At best you will be subjected to sexist jokes and at worst sexual harassment.

Captain Shikha Sharma’s journey not only traces most aspects of a working woman’s life but also tells how she copes by staying during all these difficulties and troublesome people. After all, now everyone has come to know that a clear intention and a good story to tell is the key to making a web series, tv and movie. Here’s hoping it shouldn’t take that long to learn how not to abuse your feminist heroine in the final scene. Although this web series is very good, you will know how a girl has to face trouble in a group full of boys by seeing it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) : The Test Case WebSeries

Q. 1 ) Has this web series been released to watch for free?

Ans. It: Not full episodes but you can watch 3 episodes for free.

Q. 2 ) What did Aamir Khan say about this web series?

Ans. : Aamir Khan liked this series and praised him for the hard work of the entire team.

Q. 3 ) Is everything shown in this web series is correct?

Ans. : Sounds true to some extent but we can’t say it’s the whole truth. But according to the story, everything is right. It may also be possible that this has happened in the right way, but we also know that it is shown exaggerated.

Some Screenshots From Episodes : The Test Case WebSeries

The Test Case Webseries
The Test Case Webseries

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