Charmsukh Role Play Cast [Review & Cast] All Episode

Ishqq ki chuskiyan padd gayi feeki, ab kya naya karenge dono miyan-biwi !

Are you eagerly waiting for to know more about this popular web series “Charmsukh Role Play then follow us below;

In this popular and hot web series , “Charmsukh Role Play” the love life of husband and wife has been shown in this web series. In which the love life of both of them is going on boring. This web series is based on romance and drama genre. Which was released on Ullu App.

This is an Indian adult and Hindi web series. In this web series both(Husband and wife) of them are shown about what they do to make their boring love life interesting. This web series is full of romance and hot scenes. This Web Series released on 08th December, 2020 on the Ullu App.

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Charmsukh Role Play Web Series
Charmsukh Role Play Web Series

All Cast of Charmsukh Role Play Web Series:

  • Divya Burman As Payal.
  • Anshul Bammi As Aakash.
  • Satyajeet As Doctor.

Storyline Of Charmsukh Role Play:

The story begins with husband and wife, their love life has become very boring. Both are no longer interested in having fun with each other. Both want divorce from each other. Then, the wife advises that we should shows once himself to the psychiatrist. Both of them go to the psychiatrist the next day, both named are Payal and Aakash.

Psychiatrist tells both of them that they have been married for more than 10 years, they are now bored with their love life. He further says that if a person eats pulses and rice daily, he will get bored. Then, the psychiatrist advises both of you to play a differ role to make your love life interesting.

Both start playing the role, Akash plays the role of the owner and Payal plays the maid. Akash tells Payal, who is playing the role of a maidservant, to make tea in the kitchen. Akash comes to the kitchen and grabs the maid (Payal) from behind, and both of them get lost in each other.

Akash calls the doctor and tells that our love life is getting interesting again, the doctor says that this both of you will continue the differ role for the next 6 months. Now, both play a different role in which Payal remains the thief and Akash remains the police. Akash (police) tells Payal (thief) that you have stolen a necklace, he will have to search her. Both of them come near each other while searching.

In this way, both of them start playing different roles to make their love life interesting like – doctor and nurse, teacher and student etc. So that the love life of both of them goes on well and continues to enjoy the pleasure and fullfill their desires.

Now, it has to be seen that what does playing this differ roles bring change in the life of both of them??? To know all further story follow this web series on Ullu App and enjoy a lot at home.

Charmsukh Role Play
Charmsukh Role Play

Full information about Charmsukh Role Play Web Series

NAME Charmsukh Role Play
GENRE 18+, Drama, Romance
MAIN CAST Divya Burman, Anshul Bammi
RELEASED DATE 08th December, 2020
DIRECTOR Amit Khanna
Charmsukh Role Play Actress Name
Charmsukh Role Play Actress Name

Charmsukh Role Play Web Series Cast Name:

The most popular and fantastic web series you all are waiting for to know more about is “ Charmsukh Role Play ” Web Series. The main Cast Name Divya Burman and Anshul Bammi played as a lead role in web series. We hope you all are surely going to have a lot of enjoyment after seeing Hot and Bold actress as a ‘Payal ‘ in this web Series.

Charmsukh Role Play Web Series Release Date:

The most Popular web series named as “ Charmsukh Role Play” was released on 08th December, 2020. You can surely going to enjoy this most romantic and Erotic drama web series the to watching on Ullu App.

Charmsukh Role Play Web Series Cast Actress Name:

Are you waiting to know the “Charmsukh Role Play” Web Series Cast bold Actress Name?? then, now we are going to tell you all about her name and instagram id too of this web series “Charmsukh Role Play” are listed below:

  • Charmsukh Role Play” Web Series Actress Name are “Divya Burman ” act as Payal’.

Charmsukh Role Play Web Series Cast Actor Name:

After knowing about actress ,other important role played by an Actor. The list of that Actor of This Web Series Cast real Name and id are added below:

Charmsukh Role Play” Web Series Actor Name is Anshul Bammi act as Aakash‘.

Charmsukh Role Play Full Episode
Charmsukh Role Play Full Episode

Charmsukh Role Play Cast – Episode 1 :-

  1. (Payal):
    Payal role played by actress Divya Burman.
    Her instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  2. (Aakash):
    Aakash role played by actor Anshul Bammi.
    His instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  3. (Doctor):
    Doctor role played by actor Satyajeet.
    His instagram id is: CLICK HERE

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