Games Of Karma Sangeet WebSeries Ullu – Cast, Roles, Story

Games Of Karma Sangeet WebSeries: Ullu has released a new web series which is a part of Games of Karma And that part is named Sangeet This is a very good series, which people are very fond of, just like its previous series were excellent, it is also. Games of Karma is a popular series which people like very much and are excited about its next part. It’s every series gets great views. ULLU is a popular OTT platform seen among youth..

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Games Of Karma Sangeet WebSeries Ullu

Name Games Of Karma Sangeet
Release Date23 November 2021
GenreDrama Romance
Seasons 4
DirectorPraveen Hingonia

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Games Of Karma Sangeet WebSeries Cast

1. Kenisha Bhardwaj

2. Praveen Hingonia

Trailer Review : Games Of Karma Sangeet WebSeries

742K Views·7.56K Likes

When the trailer of this series was released by the makers, it was very much liked and praised by all the people, the makers were very happy. The trailer has achieved 742k views and 7.5k likes since its release. Which is telling that these people really enjoyed watching this series. The story is different in this web series, in which new things have been shown in the old way, which will make you swoon. Its cinematography will make you feel very good. This is called quality content.

Story Review : Games Of Karma Sangeet WebSeries

The plot revolves around the wife of a classical music teacher, She is tormented by her own harsh husband for playing a perverted role in romance. her karma paralyzes her husband Whereas the wife takes revenge on her husband by meeting strangers in the absence of her husband. Here her husband is punished by his karma.

Makers have made this series after thinking very well, which you will be able to understand one thing and have fun watching it. People are bored with common stories, they want something new and good which ULLU is fulfilling. It has presented this story in a very good way, which gives a very good feeling on seeing.

Many people eagerly wait to watch all the episodes of the new web series but this will happen only if you subscribe to the OTT platform. Its makers have beautifully connected each other after the release of all the stories.

To make the story more suspenseful and exciting in the web series, a good star cast has been given place. He is an expert in his work and has been working in this field for a long time.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. 1 > What is the Release Date of the Games Of Karma Sangeet WebSeries?

Ans. : 23 November 2021 is the release date of this Web series.

Q. 2 > How to watch the entire webseries?

Ans. : In Official App of ULLU.

Q. 3 > Actress of Games Of Karma Sangeet WebSeries?

Ans. : Kenisha Bhardwaj and Praveen Hingonia are cast of Games Of Karma Sangeet Web Series.

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