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Kaneez (part 1) web series

Kaneez is one of the newest episodes of the Ullu web series.

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Kaneez (part 1) web series Ullu

Name Kaneez (part 1)
GenreRomance and Drama
Kaneez BudgetEstimated at 30 Crore
Release date7 December 2021

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Kaneez (part 1) Web series Star Cast

Kaneez (part 1) web series Story

The plot of the story starts with Desire, affairs of couples, and things exposed to the family which results in the dilemma of destination dreams. See the latest episodes of the Kaneez Part 1, its amazing

Kaneez (part 1) web series

 Nawab Mirza daughter is getting married when her mother Ruksaar come to know the truth about her to be son – in – law name is Salim.  retainer Batulan who sends her beautiful daughter Sana to verify the claim this help is from her family. But this meeting between Sana and Salim changes their life forever.

Kaneez (part 1) web series

Actually, This story concerns a young couple who fall in love. Issues will arise when the couple finally decides to marry.  people to make a big difference in their lives It’s not common.it begins where actress Sudha Chandran comes to Kaneez’s leader and makes her acquainted that Salim doesn’t have manpower since childhood, she got the latter recently. the leader gets a shocking reaction to hear and say that so why she called her here, should make him familiar with this, as he is going to marry someone and if she will come for knowledge so that she will not be able to bear the pain of trauma. But she wants a girl from her side who can revive Salim’s manpower through her fantasy, she makes her understand that.

Kaneez (part 1) web series Production

Aasma get the role of the main character in the series. It is also known by the Kaneez web series. Ullu application/web,, India’s most popular OTT platform, is currently available. Youngster viewers love to watch ullu web series. And always excited for new upcoming series, Ullu has delivered many popular web series, including Charmsukh Live Streaming Web Series [previously Pratiksha 3, Hotspot Raatein Rangeen Banaayein Web Series]In addition, Ullu most popular platform among youngsters.

Seeing the fans getting excited and everyone’s response is quite positive. There is a lot of romance, lust and thrill in this story which is good:

She does many successful series like  Palang Tod Anniversary Gift, Hotspot Raatein Rangeen Banaayein Web Series and Palang Tod Caretaker 2 Web Series among others.

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Kaneez (part 1) web series
Kaneez (part 1) web series
Kaneez (part 1) web series

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