Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Webseries Ullu- Cast, Actress real name

Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Webseries

ULLU has been named one of the most engaging adult sensation series for all ullu fans. You will not be able to stop yourself from watching this series this series will give you goosebumps because it’s a bold drama Romance Web Series with sexy hot Actress, These desires are being created in the minds of the people and their wishes are increasing. Interesting story and even more interesting actress you will fall in love with this Actress. Fan following of this series is huge and lakhs of people watching this amazing web series. It’s a Hindi language web series that is available on Ullu.

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All Details : Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Webseries

Name Palang Tod Anniversary Gift
Release Date22 October 2021
Genre Bold, Drama , Romance
OTT Platform and DistributionULLU App
Seasons & EpisodesSeason 1 Episode 3

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Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Webseries

Cast : Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Webseries

Actress & Actor NameRole
Revathi AacharyaIshika
Suman DasAayush
Vinit KumarIshika Husbnad
Vanita uppalMontage girl 1
Ritu PandeyMontage girl 2
Karishma mouryaMontage girl 3

Trailer Review : Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Webseries

The trailer has achieved 707k views and 11k likes since its release. This trailer is of 1 minute 21 seconds in which it is shown that a boy gets attracted to the newly arrived girl in Gym and falls in love with her because she is Sexy hot and beautiful girl and People are also fall in love with this. The story of this series is becoming hit day by day.

Story Review : Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Webseries

This story is very interesting and fresh. This time ullu has come together in different and unique content. In this, we will see that a boy has to face physical torture by many girls with whom he falls in love. He is a serious and cutthroat boy for his relationship with a girl named Ishika. she is the new girl in his Gym and they become friends Later their friendship turns into a physical attraction. The same girl takes advantage of Ayush by blackmailing him through paid intimacy, then becomes so monotonous and finally decides to take a drastic step. that will affect his life.

it’s an interesting story Which is worth watching and has very hot scenes that you will enjoy. The gym scene was amazing and their romance is just mind-blowing doesn’t want to lose sight. The actress is so much talented He played his character very well and gave a great performance, which made people go crazy.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. 1 > What is the Release Date of Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Webseries?

Ans. : 22 October 2021 is the release date of this Webseries .

Q. 2 > Where will these web series be found?

Ans. : In Official App of ULLU.

Q. 3 > Total Episodes of Palang Tod Anniversary Gift?

Ans. : 3 Episodes

Screenshots from Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Webseries

Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Webseries
Palang Tod Anniversary Gift Webseries

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