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Khunnas Webseries: Again we are getting to see a great web series, You will be surprised to hear the concept of this web series. As we know that ULLU It is famous for its bold and sexy actress, due to which it remains a topic of discussion among the youth. It is also popular among adults. Khanna’s web series is another level of web series which is created hype among youth and adults, their excitation is too high and as well as expectations. Well ULLU never disappoints youth always coming with a new concept new story that is mind-blowing. You will go crazy watching this series, its concept will make you very happy

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Khunnas Webseries

Name Khunnas
Release date part 129 June 2021
Release date part 26 July 2021
GenreDrama, Romance
SeasonSeason 1
Director Saheem khan

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Cast Actress and Actor of Khunnas

Actress and Actor NameRole
Amika ShailRashmi
Saheem khanGautam
Asit RedijFather
Sonam AroraDevika

Khunnas Webseries Trailer Review

The trailer of the series has arrived, so far it has got views in lakhs and people have also liked the video of the trailer a lot. Trailer 2 min. It is 37 seconds in the trailer you will get to see that there is a couple who loves your girlfriend very much, for which she is ready to take anyone’s life. But his girlfriend is fake with him and makes him a dangerous person so that he kills many people for his girlfriend. When he reaches Devika’s house and his parents force him to say that she can’t after that we will see that he dies his grandfather too but in some way his grandfather will escape.

Khunnas Webseries Story Review

Khanna’s, ” Broken dreams sting in the eyes, trapped in the path of love ” The story of a boyfriend who has fallen madly in love with his girlfriend and who kills any innocent person has created a sensation on the internet. This series has been released on June 29, 2021, which you must see, it has romance as well as action, in which blood will also be available, it is a complete package of entertainment. There is a lot of power in this story, it is a very strong role. Which makes this series exciting. In this show written that the house is decorated like Diwali for his daughter’s birthday We are hearing the sound of gunshots in the house which is making us thrilled. Murder is none other than their driver. which was born from the past actions of the birthday girl. Behind this revenge drama is a twisted affair that leads to the murder of many innocent people. In simple language, the story is based on a driver and his passion for the daughter of the owner of that driver. Both are together but the daughter is fake who uses that driver, that driver was once devious and was totally obsessed with her daughter and was ready to die for her but that girl could take her by loving her. After leaving, Wah tries to kill every member of the girl’s family and kills her in this way he snatches her pure family from us girl.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQ ) :

Q. > Can we watch anywhere other than this ULLU?

Ans. : Khunnas is one of the free web series of MX player app which is only available in the MX player app. You do not have to pay any fee to watch this web series, it can be seen on MX player for free. You will not find all the web series of ULLU on MX Player but you will find some, one of them is Khunnas.

Q. > How to watch Khunnas web series?

Ans. : This web series is currently streaming on Ullu, you can watch it on Owl and enjoy this series. This is a short web series in which each episode is about 18 to 20 minutes long.

Q. > is khunnas web series worth watching?

Ans. : If you have seen the Ullu web series before So you will know that how are its web series. This web series is also similar to other web series but its story is different, in which action will be seen along with thriller. There are a lot of romance scenes in this web series that will excite you. Before watching this web series, you should put on your earphone Or watch when you’re alone. It will not take much time to watch this web series because this series is short. It has 2 parts and you can see both the parts. The way of romancing in this is different and in this, the girls also drink and have fun. There’s so much love in it that the scan won’t let you get up.

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