Prabha Ki Diary Ullu Web Series 2021 Cast Real Actress

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This OTT(over-the-top) platform Ullu is all set to present first season of its most entertaining and romantic drama web series “Prabha Ki Diary” in Hindi language. This story is mainly based on the love affairs and romance of a beautiful woman(wife). It is an Indian Adult best web Series released on dated 31th July, 2020.

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Today, we will know in this page about a unsatisfied women where she suffers in search of her husband’s love in such a way that she does not know anything about right and wrong. She becomes so blind that to get love. She gets ready to do anything for getting love. In this story, the girl’s intense desire for love has been told in this web series “Prabha Ki Diary “.

All Cast of Prabha Ki Diary Web Series:

Prabha Ki Diary Cast Name
  • Pamela Mondal As Prabha (Wife).
  • Dinesh Soni As Anil (Husband).
  • Prashantt Guptha As Sahil (Neighbourhood).

Storyline Of Prabha Ki Diary:

The story begins with a wife Prabha who gets married and moves to Delhi with her husband. Her husband’s name was Anil. He is too busy all the time. There was everything to say, but the most important thing was not the mark of respect and love. Therefore, whatever she is unable to tell her husband, she writes in her dairy. Prabha thought that after marriage, her life would be like melody music, but her dreams remain incomplete.

One day she prepares breakfast for her husband and tells her husband that I have come here for 3 months and you do not take me for a walk. Anil insults Prabha very badly. After a few days, a handsome boy comes to the door who is his neighbor. Then, the neighbor tries to talk to Prabha again and again. Prabha ignores him all the time. Prabha always looks very beautiful and hot.

Then, one day the sound of a guitar comes in the neighborhood. Prabha gets dragged towards the music and reaches the neighbor’s room, the boy tells Prabha that his name is Sahil. Then, both of them start listening to music together everyday and come very close to each other. Their distance among them become ends. Now between them, instead of music, there is a connection of love.

Prabha Ki Diary Web Series Cast

Now, Prabha starts getting very far from Anil and very close to Sahil. One day, Sahil tells Prabha that he is going to Mumbai. Prabha starts getting restless and sad after hearing this. Then, Sahil says you too come with me then Prabha after thinking a lot comes to Sahil with the bag. After Prabha leaves, Anil gets Prabha’s dairy and know all about truth of Prabha’s desire.

Here, Prabha comes to Mumbai and comes to know about Sahil’s very big reality behind their honest face. This truth and reality completely changes her life. What is that reality?? Follow this web series to know what is the real truth of Sahil!!

Full information about Prabha ki Dairy Web Series

NAME : Prabha Ki Diary
GENRE :18+, Drama, Romantic
MAIN CAST :Pamela Mondal, Prasantt Guptha
RELEASED DATE :31th July, 2020
DIRECTOR :Sanjay Amar

Prabha Ki Diary Web Series Cast Name:

Prabha Ki Diary Actress Name

The most popular and demanded web series “ Prabha Ki Diary “. The main Cast Name Pamela Mondal ,Prasantt Guptha and Dinesh Soni. Pamela Mondal act as a lead role in this web series. Here, viewer can know about their favourite characters from this Web Series Cast list are mentioned above this page.

Prabha Ki Diary Web Series Release Date:

The Ullu app Popular web series named as ” Prabha Ki Diary ” Web Series was released on 31th July, 2020 . You can definitely enjoy this romantic and hot web series” Prabha Ki Diary ” to watching at your home.

Prabha Ki Diary Web Series Cast Actress Name:

Prabha Ki Diary Full Episode

The next important role would be Actress in this web series. Are you excited to know the “Prabha Ki Diary” Web Series Cast bold Actress Name?? then, to know about her name and instagram id too of web series “ Prabha Ki Diary ” are listed below:

  • “Prabha Ki Dairy” Web Series Actress Name is Pamela Mondal act as a Prabha (wife).

Prabha Ki Diary Web Series Cast Actor Name:

After knowing about the actress , next important role plays in this web series are Actors. The list of that Actors of Web Series Prabha Ki Diary” Cast Name and instagram id are added below content:

Prabha Ki Diary Cast Actor And Actress – Episode (1-3) :-

  • (Wife):
    Wife(Prabha) role played by actress Pamela Mondal.
    Her instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  • (Husband):
    Husband(Anil) role played by actor Dinesh Soni.
    His instagram id is: CLICK HERE
  • 3. (Neighbourhood):
    Neighbourhood(Sahil) role played by actor Prashantt Guptha.
    His instagram id is: CLICK HERE

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