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Relationship Counsellor

Relationship Counsellor ( Part – 1 ) was released on 3 December on the Ullu network. This story is based on 2 couples personal life. Later you see the full story below.

Relationship Counsellor ( Part – 1 ) Wiki

GenreIntimate Bold Drama
Release date3rd December 2021
CastJiten Bisht ( Kartik ),
Sharad Ghore ( Rajeev ),
Sharanya Jit Kaur ( Sejal ),
Priya Gamre ( Meghna )
Published onUllu


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Relationship Counsellor ( Part – 1 ) Full Story

Complete Story — At the beginning of the story, 2 couples are enjoying sitting, drinking alcohol, eating food, And meanwhile one of the couples starts arguing. Then other couples explain to them that you have come here to enjoy or fight. enjoy here arguing at home and the other couple gets up and leaves. After this, it is shown that a man comes from the office and goes inside the house and gets tired and sits on the couch Then his wife comes and asks how was the office day, response the boy says The office is good, just a little unsure of work.

After this, the wife clings to her husband and says that let’s have some romance but her husband agrees. The wife comes in the night and starts enjoying together at the table in the husband, there is a very romantic scene which is quite bold.

And on the other hand, a couple who were outside, they live while enjoying but they are not being made. Because her husband wants to enjoy by torturing his wife, but his wife wants such a new one, she says if you want to romance, then do not straighten it. her husband wants to enjoy by tying her hand. After this her husband opens her hand and starts romancing by applying ice, the wife gets very upset. The husband enjoys all this because he is enjoying torturing his wife but his wife is completely unhappy. this forced enjoyment ends

Total episodes – 3

Episode: 1

Relationship Counsellor

Episode: 2

Relationship Counsellor

Episode : 3

Relationship Counsellor

Relationship Counsellor Short Story

Per day sexual desires of Kartik is terrible for sejal , Sejal angry and leaves the house and goes with her friends Megha and her husband Rajiv. Then they together decide to council them to help fix their differences. But not fulfil, small did know that this decision of becoming “Relationship Counsellor” for lovely friends would make them cross their own limits and their own relationships will be at stake.

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Relationship Counsellor
Relationship Counsellor

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